The vertical Earth – Cosmos flow can become destructive in the present conditions of the planetary change if not balanced with the three horizontal power fields of feminine quality. Bringing them to awareness and supporting their activity is crucial for global balance …

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The vertical flow of breath is these days specially needed. I see high up crystal clear cosmic (Christ) presence and power that is not able to come down to the Earth to support the intense processes of change going on upon the planet. The planet is too much enveloped in alienated energies of fear and hopelessness.

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Delavnica Marka Pogačnika 2019 Cankarjev dom, Štihova dvorana

Delfini, enti in vilinska bitja kot zavezniki človeštva

Ponedeljek, 4. februarja 2019, od 19. do 22. ure,

Benetke, Slovenija in Evropa – tri vizije novega prostora

Ponedeljek, 11. februarja 2019, od 19. do 22. ure

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