Winter Solstice Telepathic Workshop 2021 on Tuesday, 21 December at 9 a.m., repeated on 28 December at 8 p.m. If you have not yet applied to participate in the Renewing the Cycle of Seasons LifeNet project, please email Iveta at
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Zimska telepatska LifeNet delavnica 2021 v torek, 21. 12. ob 9.00 in v torek 28. 12. ob 20.00.
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We arrived at an important crossroads. On one side, there is a track of evolution being prepared based upon the scientific ignorance towards the elemental essence and spiritual soul aspect of the human being. With the help of new cybernetic and pharmaceutic inventions, we should be lifted into an illusionary world sphere. On the other hand, there are many individual and group efforts to connect us deeper into the network of life and its beings at different levels of multidimensional reality. It is time to decide which way each one of us would like to walk.
I have gone through the Covid disaster together with my whole family. It is obvious that the virus is manipulated. I felt it going to different aspects of my body and consciousness, destroying or taking away some information. But after I went through it, I realized that I am free of several aspects of myself, and as consequence, some completely new insights opened.