This time we neither address the tree as a being neither its elemental being. We wish to connect to the Ent of the tree. Ents are beings that abide within very old trees. Do you remember the “Lord of the Ring” and the ancient walking trees that have finally put an end to the “Kingdom of Darkness”? Their power and wisdom comes from an Ent abiding within the tree body.

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In a few days comes out my book “Christ Power and the Earth Wisdom” published by Clairview from London. It is a reprint of the book that I wrote 22 years ago – with an update that I wrote this summer. It is a story of my search for the Fifth Gospel that is written and hidden within the canonical Gospels and within the one written by Christ’s disciple Thomas. It also shows where the Christ message was alternated with tragic consequences.

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Z Mariko bova v začetku novembra v paviljonu NOB muzeja v Tržiču postavila razstavo z naslovom Zmaji, bitja večnosti – Zmaji, sinovi Gaje – Zmaji, življenjska moč Zemlje. Odprta bo od 7. 11. do 23. 12. 2019. V soboto, 9. 11. bo celodnevna delavnica s Tržičem in Dovžanovo sotesko. Vabljeni!

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