Slovenska verzija knjige o Bosanskih piramidah, ki je do zdaj obstajala samo v nemščini in portugalščini, je zdaj natisnjena. Prvi del je napisala hčerka Ana (piramide govore o tem, kaj se z Zemljo dogaja danes), drugi del o geomantičnem pogledu je moj, tretji del pa je prispeval Thomas von Rotenburg z zgodbo o treh eteričnih oljih. Knjigo lahko naročite na naslovu
Many of us are at the seaside at this time. While standing at the shore you should here and now do an exercise to experience the primordial powers of the sea. Imagine to go with your hands into the sea and bring closer to yourself a handful fo sea water. Pour it in your imagination over the head and observe while it passes through your body back to the sea.
Like us also the Earth mainly consists of water. If the Earth, nature, and all that exists around us is primarily an information stored in water, this means that Gaia and her primordial helpers can change the face of the Earth to become multidimensional without the predicted cataclysmic events. If we would support its watery essence, the Earth could create the new space of reality in a dancing mode. Meditation of the Month >>>