The extremely difficult situation in Israel/Palestine calls for a deeper look into the background of the millennia long conflicts in the Near East. With the LifeNet telepathic workshop on Sunday 23.5. in the morning and Monday 24.5. in the evening we shall approach the archetypal levels of the country to see what can be done to support sources of peace so abundant there, but suppressed.

Workshop in English >>>
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My new book Dancing with the Earth Changes appeared at Lindisfarne, US after it was published in German, Czech and Slovenian. It offers an alternative understanding of the ongoing Earth Changes by supporting the intent of Gaia, the guiding force behind our planetary transformation with practical techniques on how to move through challenges in a creative way.
Po 20 letih je ponovno izšla moja prenovljena in z novimi izkušnjami dopolnjena knjiga Modrost Zemlje in Kristusova navzočnost. »S svojimi branji evangelijev in mističnimi uvidi […] nam ponuja ključ do ponovne povezave s kozmičnimi razsežnostmi božanstva in elementarnimi svetovi zemlje« (iz uvodne študije Lenarta Škofa, ki jo lahko kupite v spletni knjigarni