Slovenska verzija knjige o Bosanskih piramidah, ki je do zdaj obstajala samo v nemščini in portugalščini, je zdaj natisnjena. Prvi del je napisala hčerka Ana (piramide govore o tem, kaj se z Zemljo dogaja danes), drugi del o geomantičnem pogledu je moj, tretji del pa je prispeval Thomas von Rotenburg z zgodbo o treh eteričnih oljih.

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LifeNet- Network Geomancy and Transformation invites you to participate in the meditation to balance the worldwide over activity of the Fire element. Fire is right now destroying the Amazonian forest, the feminine pole of the planet (Tibet at the other side of the globe being its masculine counter pole). Not long ago the fire destroyed the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris dedicated to the Mother of Life.

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The Earth is walking her path of changes with great speed while humanity in general has no idea what is going on and consequently its collaboration with Gaia is weak and slow. This contradictory situation may cause humanity to find itself temporarily in a space deprived of needed life forces and creative inspirations. To get ready for such a possible situation we should start practicing now.

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