The process of Earth Changes brings forward specific periods when it is relative easy to transform the old stuff that the Earth does not want to carry on to the future – the same being valid for personal burdens and shadows. Late autumn is known even traditionally as the transmutation time reigning by the Goddess of Change.

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In a few days comes out my book “Christ Power and the Earth Wisdom” published by Clairview from London. It is a reprint of the book that I wrote 22 years ago – with an update that I wrote this summer. It is a story of my search for the Fifth Gospel that is written and hidden within the canonical Gospels and within the one written by Christ’s disciple Thomas. It also shows where the Christ message was alternated with tragic consequences.

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Marko bo vodil delavnico na temo izkušenj gibanja OHO v Muzeju sodobne umetnosti na Metelkovi v Ljubljani ob sredah 4. in 11. decembra od 17h do 21h.

Kakšna so ustvarjalna izhodišča OHO, kateri so vidiki, veljavni tudi za današnji trenutek, pa kasneje, kako nit vodi do ideje »tretje umetnosti«, ki se posveča preobrazbi življenju tuje sodobne civilizacije.