We should learn and make the effort to exist in the new space that Gaia and her elemental and sub-elemental co-operators have created to secure that life of the Earth, its landscapes, beings visible and invisible and human culture can continue to exist in its beauty and vividness. Meditation of the month >>>
Imagine a glowing spark under the ashes of the burnt down Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Breathe-in three times firmly and breathe-out each time upon the spark so that the spark develops into a light rosette similar to the one upon the facade of Notre Dame, but rich with lights and colors. Feel its presence and then distribute it throughout the world as a sign of freedom and coexistence among nations of the Earth.  Meditation >>>
Bald geht in Druck bei Neue Erde Verlag mein neues Buch Wandlungstanz der Erde – ein Führer durch die Herausforderungen der gegenwärtigen Epoche mit vielen Übungen und Zeichnungen. Es sollte spätestens am 9. September 2019 erscheinen. Books >>>