What can be done facing challenges of the new aggressive telecommunication network G5, or the growing threat to the democratic Europe? Only the extended power of our hearts can be successful in such conditions!The human heart system can be a powerful source of life supporting impulses in the case when human beings and beings of nature are endangered. Meditation of the month >>>
Imagine a glowing spark under the ashes of the burnt down Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Breathe-in three times firmly and breathe-out each time upon the spark so that the spark develops into a light rosette similar to the one upon the facade of Notre Dame, but rich with lights and colors. Feel its presence and then distribute it throughout the world as a sign of freedom and coexistence among nations of the Earth.  Meditation >>>
V Rigi dajemo v tisk slovensko verzijo knjige o Bosanskih piramidah, ki je do zdaj obstajala samo v nemščini in portugalščini (v Braziliji). Prvi del je napisala hčerka Ana (piramide govore o tem, kaj se z Zemljo dogaja danes), drugi del je moj o geomantičnem pogledu, tretji del je prispeval Thomas von Rotenburg z zgodbo o treh eteričnih oljih. Lahko jo boste naročili pri Društvu VITAAA.