This autumn was dedicated to renewing our Network for life LifeNet which was created in 2000 in Slovenia. See In the times of lock down we organize telepathic workshops to support Gaia and transformation processes in the human culture also workshops following the year’s cycle.
Since participants of the telepathic workshops often feel lost during the work, I have prepared a text with ten points as an introduction to the telepathic workshops. Using electronic media as a means of communication functions only among humans. Beings of other dimensions that co-create life on Earth have a very limited approach Their direct collaboration with human beings in creative processes is in this case not possible. Using telepathic forms of workshops makes it fully possible.

Telepathic workshop guidelines >>>

On January 7, 2021, we start with LifeNet weekly exercises to connect to Gaia and her elemental world. The exercises are composed of one short message from Gaia by Andrea Rossland-Brandt and a corresponding imaginative exercise by me. If you want to cooperate you need to apply at