We found ourselves in the period of transition from one planetary age to another. The age governed by the Earth Element is retreating while the age of the Air Element is coming forward. Characteristic for the age of the Earth Element is the extremely dense space of reality. The age of the Air Element brings forward a type of a multidimensional space …

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IThis month our Lifenet Art Group is carving in Bohemia a Geopuncture circle with cosmograms dedicated to the (new) elemental beings that Gaia is creating now with the aim to provide beings capable to cooperate with human family in transmuting the present conditions upon the planet.

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Towards the end of September, I participate with a talk on Sidhe culture and with workshops at the Findhorm Foundation conference on collaboration with the parallel evolutions. I love Findhorn – my first visit there in 1971 had the aim to connect our newly created Šempas community with Findhorn.

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