The LifeNet (Lebensnetz) movement was founded at the threshold of the new millennium with the intent that there would be an open group of people that would consciously and wholeheartedly support the risky path of Gaia towards a basically new level of the Earth’s evolution.

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The basic issue of my workshops in 2018 will be dedicated to practical question how can we adapt to the multidimensional reality that the Indigo Gaia is leading us towards. I consider it to represent our nearest future. Which are the tools we need to develop in time to be able to perceive and create in the new conditions?

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Društvo za sožitje med človekom, naravo in prostorom VITAAA razpisuje enoletno šolo ustvarjalnega sobivanja z Zemljo in njenimi bitji. Za delo na terenu v različnih pokrajinah Slovenije je predvidenih 7 vikendov v letu 2018. Šolo vodi Marko Pogačnik.

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