The depression in which the human culture sits at the moment is caused by the smallest beings upon the planet. The family of microbes and viruses is the oldest, billions of years old community of life. It embodies the wisdom of the Earth and her capacity to uphold the planet alive. So what is the family of microorganisms telling us by emptying our streets and putting whole nations into the quarantine?

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Masses of people in quarantine means that the sacred places of the Earth got peace to breathe without of masses of visitors. So the Earth is free to make the movements in her body that are needed at this moment in the process of the Earth Changes. No fear! Rather collaborate – using perhaps the Gaia Touch exercises and rituals. Yesterday dolphins appeared in the tourist free Venice!

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Depresijo, v kateri trenutno ždi človeštvo, povzročajo najbolj drobna bitja na planetu. Družina mikroorganizmov in virusov vseh vrst je najstarejša, milijarde let stara skupnost. Uteleša modrost Zemlje in njeno fantastično sposobnost vzdrževati planet živ. Kaj nam torej družina mikroorganizmov sporoča s tem, da je izpraznila ulice naših mest in cele narode vtaknila v karanteno?

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