Since a decade and more the colourful spheres called “Orbs” attract attention. They appear on photographs taken at some strong places or at with events that show a special energy. Outwardly they look like tiny spheres, but seen from inside they are intelligent beings. I call then “Gaia Sparks”.

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Third Art both does not exist yet and has existed as long as art exists. Third Art is not self-sufficient. It is an integral part of all possible realms of being and non-being without loosing itself as art. Third Art is interested in the destiny of life upon the Earth and in the universe.  >>> Third Art Manifesto


Za tisk pripravljamo knjigo o sporočilu Bosanskih piramid, ki sem jo spisal skupaj s hčerko Ano in njenim možem Thomasom. Izdalo jo bo naše društvo VITAAA v sodelovanju z Modro Zemljo. Izšla je že v Nemčiji in Braziliji. Ne pozabite na mojo knjigo Slovenija Čudežna. >>> Knjige