The purpose of the last month’s meditation was to reconnect with the archetype of the human being that is common to all of us. This is the way to transmute the human egocentrism so characteristic for the present epoch of the human evolution and its devastating impact upon the Earth and its beings.

This month we should dedicate to the matrix of life and human participation in its rosette. It is not enough to reconnect with the archetype of the human being as a human being. It needs also to renew our true role in the life matrix of our home planet. Only then the human civilization can develop so to become cooperative with the evolution of Gaia and its beings. Only then human being becomes a free and co-creative being and the geoculture can begin to be developed.

During the first week in May, a group of Life Network enthusiasts gathered in Zaunreiter Academy at Hartberg near Linz, Austria, to renew our relationship with the matrix of life and to consider the human role within its network at this moment, crucial for the future of humanity and this planet. The below model of the life matrix is the outcome of the meeting.

The group worked upon the enlarged model marked upon the ground with the help of stones and pieces of wood using the tools of dance/movement and imagination. In this way the model was made alive and its qualities available world-wide through resonance.

How to use it for the meditative purposes?


You can choose any of the fields of the matrix and renew your relationship with the corresponding region of life and its beings.

The model can be copied and used as a chart to decide which aspect you would like to explore in the given moment. Then do it in an imaginative way. The entrance to the desired area of life and its beings has been open.

You can take that particular aspect of life or its beings into the energy field of your heart or approach it through your back.


All the different aspects of the Life Matrix are being distorted or ignored by the human civilization. It is possible that you come in contact with the resulting destructive patterns.

Understand it as an invitation to help in the gigantic task of transmuting the shadow side of the human presence upon the Earth.

In this case do not fall into depression but use methods of transformation and re-cycling:

  • Use light implosion from the inside of the phenomenon so that it get dissolved into the primeval light.
  • Use streams of violet light which is equal to the alchemical power of transmutation.
  • Use the gentle power of your compassion, ask Gaia for forgiveness, ask for divine grace.


  • Another important issue is to work on connecting different aspects and beings of life so that the matrix can manifest as a whole.
  • You can work on this at the level of your heart system behind your back – then bring it forward through the door of your heart centre and distribute it throughout the world in front of you.