Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


Characteristic for the present moment are frequently appearing turbulences at the visible and invisible levels. It seems that Gaia and her tireless helpers are working along two complementary routes.

On one hand they are pushing out of the living body of the Earth energies and beings that do not (any more) belong to the vital and spiritual dimensions of Gaia. They exist within the body of Gaia as relics of the past; becoming a kind of parasites.

On the other hand Gaia is awakening her beings and powers that she needs to be able to accomplish the big Quantum leap adjusting to the new incoming cosmic cycle that leads towards the future development of the universe. This means that the spectrum of vital powers is at times changing rapidly and we as human beings are challenged to find a new principle of balance and wellbeing within ourselves. Only then we can be of help in Gaia’s changing process.

In both cases it helps if one is grounded and connected to the core of Gaia. Here a proposal:

  • Be present and in peace.
  • Use for grounding and connecting to Gaia the interdimensional portal that exists in the middle between your souls as a tiny hole at the ground level.
  • Start at the heart level and go with an imaginary thread through that micro-hole into the Earth to touch the core of Gaia.
  • On the returning path you should pass the same hole to reach up to your heart level, thus forming a lemniscate (figure of 8).
  • Continue with the lemniscate imagination for a while.
  • Possibly you can develop a variation of the exercise that suits you.

If some signs, dreams or insights show that there is something that needs to be transformed and released, the most effective method might be to use the transmuting power of the violet light.

This can be done in the way to imagine finely structured violet stars above that a capable to sucking in those powers or beings that have to leave Gaia because their time is gone. By sucking them in they become transformed back to their original matrix and directed to the place in the universe where their new home is anticipated.

Be aware that the violet stars are not machines but living beings of Gaia performing their work consciously. Proceed accordingly!

Also: let us not forget to hold the inner peace in any situation during the Earth changing process that might appear.