Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


In the process of Earth changes there will inevitably come to dramatic situations be it on geological, personal, economic, or political levels. Supposing that Gaia (in cooperation with her earthly and universal co-creators) follows the intention to restore the planet’s original multidimensional constitution, so deep-reaching transformations will be needed. This will become especially difficult for human civilization that stiff-necked believes into a one-dimensional nature of the Earth and the universe or pushes their subtle realms into a transcendental corner as monotheistic religions do.

To travel relatively safely of the rough sea of the following years, it needs first of all to take care for the autonomous personal space. A strong and safe personal space is a precondition to be able to contribute creatively to the given situation. Secondly it needs to support sacred places that one is related to, so that they can also hold their autonomous space free, to be able to perform their role in the conditions when the existing space may “turn upside down”.

My proposal to create and sustain the personal autonomous space is following:

  • Stand with your feet a bit apart and imagine a lemniscate (figure of infinity – 8) winding horizontally around your feet while standing with each foot inside one of the rounded forms of the lemniscate.
  • Then imagine and feel how the quality created through the interaction of the lemniscate with your feet – your grounding system – rises throughout your body and its aura fields. Finally you should feel completely immerged in its egg-shaped protective sphere.
  • The exercise can be done throughout the following month so that the personal elemental being can properly anchor its quality into your body’s memory. It can be used also in the possible moments of a dramatic change in your environment.

If you would like to perform a similar service to a place of your choice, my proposal is following:

  • Find a place within yourself that feels in resonance with Gaia, the creator of the new Earth body. Touch with your intuition the quality existing there.

Lift the quality that you feel there upwards into the space of the given place. Ask the beings of the place to anchor it in the mineral or watery memory of the place and to hold it upright so that the place can stay strong and beautiful.