MEDITATION OF THE MONTH – July 20th to August 20th 2018

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


Human beings of the rational epoch tend to hold strict boundaries between the inner and “the outer” world. With the “outer world” I do not mean the alienated world of human affairs. I mean the living and breathing world of Gaia, her plants, animals, stones, consciousness of nature etc., the presence of life itself. It is time to open oneself for the dance of life within and without.

The point of departure for this kind of meditation is the fact that body energies and our families of microbes are in constant exchange with the microorganisms of the surrounding landscape and with its elemental powers and beings.

But this is not sufficient in the epoch of the new conditions of life upon the planet. We are entering an epoch governed by the element of consciousness (Air element) and without accompanying the mentioned exchange consciously (I mean primarily the heart consciousness) it has not enough value nor for Gaia nor for the concerned human being.

The proposed meditation can be done everywhere at any moment, like walking, perhaps sitting in nature or being present in urban environment. To prevent entering foreign energies, be present in your essence. The law of resonance will then allow only those powers and beings to interact with you that correspond with your intention.

  • Imagine that your body is not a dense object but composed of innumerable units (fractals) of life’s organism – and so is also the given environment. Allow the particles of your multidimensional body to move freely through the environment and be open for the incoming worlds of Gaia.
  • To stimulate the exchange between the two facets of reality, you need to hold your focus at the point behind your coccyx.
  • The exchange may be different if you transfer your focus to the level of the elemental heart which is pulsating behind the lower end of the breast bone – or a step higher to the point behind the crown chakra – could be also a step down to the point between your knees (chakra of the Earth element), or to the point below your feet.

Wish you much joy in communion with the living Earth, Marko