MEDITATION OF THE MONTH September 20TH October 20th 2019

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity and created by Marko Pogačnik


It is on time to practice how to attune to the new reality that Gaia is preparing as a result of the present quantum leap in her evolution. The renewed planet does not exist somewhere else in the Solar system. It encompasses the reality we are living in now, in effect it is one and the same Earth vibrating in a different mode and glowing with another type of light. The purpose of the meditation is to experience its precious presence and open paths for our fellow human beings to join the efforts of Gaia to create new conditions for life. They are marked by the qualities of love and truth and grounded in a new peaceful civilization. Let’s move on!

  • Sit for a while in peace. Then imagine making several steps backward till you feel at your back that you have arrived within the sphere of the new reality.
  • Feel its quality, its radiation, its colour… Enjoy its presence.
  • Imagine that there is a vast circle of people like you that have moved backwards and take also part in the vibration of the new reality.
  • Then you should realize that walking backwards each of us has left behind a bright trail similar as a snail does moving over the ground.
  • Look at that trail. Make it nice, shiny and attractive offering it to our fellow human beings who are still asleep and did not yet realize that it needs to awake and move on to the new conditions of reality.
  • Imagine that from the sphere of Gaia at your back spherical waves of grace are moving rhythmically through the world of the old reality that is in front of us to help people in the process of their awakening.
  • See people awakening and walking the trails that we have prepared. At one point they leave our trails and start walking their own paths towards the new.
  • The circle of humans that stand in the light of the new reality is larger and larger. Rejoice and give thanks.