MEDITATION OF THE MONTH April 20th–May 20th 2020

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Geomancy and Transformation –

created by Marko Pogačnik


The sacred places of the Earth that were previously crowded with tourists and pilgrims enjoy peace and time of regeneration. This is fine. But places miss human presence because human creativity in the meanwhile became an integral part of the breath of life upon the planet. Without plants, animals and elemental beings the Earth would be a deserted planet, without loving human consciousness Gaia would have no possibility to perceive her embodied creation and to plan its further development.

The other side of this story is a bit sadder. By being collectively caught in the quarantine, human beings lose grounding. As a consequence, the possibility of vital connectedness between us and Gaia is in danger to be extinguished.

We are victims of the belief that it is possible to prevent further spreading of coronavirus by not visiting places of Gaia’s beauty und wisdom with our bodies.

  • But there is the human potential of imagination that we can use to be present in any place that we have experienced previously – even if we sit at home in quarantine.
  • Decide each day to visit at least one place of your choice. Be present there with your heart, consciousness and your subtle bodies.
  • Ground yourself there and listen to what the place and its beings tell you.
  • It might be the best that you make up an hour of the day for the exercise, not to forget what needs to be done at this moment so that we will not be torn away from the Flow of life

To hide the fact that the old Earth space that we are used to living in, does not exist any more, the planners of our civilization try to “save” us into the virtual space created by our computers (right now with the help of the global quarantine). This is the reason why we need to make the effort to be grounded in the new reality which is now multidimensional and therefore approachable through imagination (in a telepathic way).