In the last time, we often experience that we perceive people, even good friends, in a different way than before. Often we have the impression to have lost the contact, and that others don’t understand us any more and vice versa. Also in nature, we experience that the perceptions we were used to don’t “work” any more. We are sure that this is a consequence of the current changes. We enter new spaces, where new rules are in effect. We have to find our orientation again.

Some people are clearly aware of this, others not yet. That makes us uneasy and may lead to conflicts. The disposition to extreme violence, which certain groups are currently showing, is certainly an expression of this unease. We have to find out, where we are in this new space in order to be able to experience the universal development consciously.


Find a place, at home or in nature. Get in touch with this place –perceive it as a place of the Earth. Your heart centre is the eye of a needle. Imagine to stand behind your back and look through the needle eye into the world in front of you. You should really look around you with open eyes to perceive the new quality of the space in the day world (i.e. both at the same time) Look around in your surroundings. Where are you? Explore the space around you. Are you alone? Gather your own experience –but always keep in touch with the earth.
Be open for surprises