Attention to the mineral kingdom

It is clear to everybody with open eyes that the present civilization is aggressive towards the plant and animal world. At least we consider them as composed of living beings even if they have no rights to protect their own integrity. But what about the mineral kingdom? Are minerals not another expression of Gaia consciousness? Are minerals not forced to work as slaves in our computers and all the machinery? Their capacity to memorize and to manifest ideas in the material form is too often abused for the purpose of human dominance over nature and over each other as human beings. Finally minerals are even not recognized as somebody.

The purpose of the Meditation of the month is to dedicate some moments of attention and appreciation to the fellow mineral world. To change human attitude towards minerals, we need to gather experiences of their living presence and their creative capacities. I have some proposals how to start:

  1. Choose a stone or a crystal to sit in its aura in silence for a while. Get detached from all projections that humans project upon minerals. They even need to be free from their esoteric or other benevolently attached meaning. Just sit with it, allowing the stone or crystal to touch or address you in its own way. Be aware that minerals are masters of consciousness and communication.
  2. You can profound this kind of experience with the help of a simple Gaia Touch exercise:
    • Decide upon a stone or a rock in nature. Find out how far it radiates. Stand at the edge of its energy field. If it is not possible to feel the edge, just choose your place.
    • Then push its energy field (not moving from your place) towards the stone helping yourself with the hands.
    • After a short while release the tension and allow the energy field to extend again towards you and by this to touch you. Now it will be easier to feel what the stone or rock is communicating. Stay with it for a while. Then choose another rock or stone to find out how different it is…
    • The exercise can be done in nature or with small stones or crystals at home.
  3. Find the heart (core) of a stone, crystal or a rock. Allow that the ray of its presence touches you in your heart space. How does it feel?
    Send back along the same ray your love and appreciation for the consciousness of the mineral kingdom. Follow it while it gets from there distributed through the global network of crystals and minerals. Give thanks for their gift to the web of life.