Proposed by Marko Pogačnik and LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity

In the time of great changes there is the tendency to distort the powers of transmutation and to mislead them, so that they would become powers of destruction. This might be the last attempt by the forces governing the world in the process of transformation, to prevent the new up going cycle of change to manifest. Peace is at hand but we are witnessing an escalation of warfare.
Here are some proposals, how to strengthen the archetype of peace by removing some obstacles that prevent peace to prevail.

Peace meditation with the dove, the olive branch, and the angel of peace

  1. Enter your inner peace. Then call the idea of peace forth from your heart space with the prayer gesture. The white dove of peace was born representing the human will to embody peace on Earth.
  2. But it has no olive branch yet in its beak. The archetypal powers of Gaia that would give peace idea the strength to manifest in life and political situations are missing. Without the cooperation of the loving dragon powers of Gaia, symbolized by the strength and nourishing power of the olive tree, there is no hope for a lasting peace.
  3. Lead the white dove from your heart space through your throat in a bow downwards towards the deepest point of your pelvic cavity. There upon the pubic bone an olive branch is positioned.
  4. Along its flight towards your back space, the dove picks up the olive branch. Some moments may be needed here to feel the quality embodied by the olive tree.
  5. Continuing its circular flight the dove with the olive branch arrives at the point behind your heart. There the third element of peace needs to be integrated.
  6. The point behind your heart is focus of the angel of peace. It stands for the cosmic peace quality. Take yourself enough time to experience its presence.
  7. Afterwards the dove of peace continues its flight above your head towards the manifested world distributing the peace impulse worldwide.

There are other issues that need to be worked on during this period of transition from one year’s cycle to another. Let me just mention some, inviting you to find your own way to work for peace:
• The loss of the inner peace of the individual
• The transmuting powers of the Black Goddess have been cursed to become forces of evil.
• The loss of relationships with the world of ancestors and descendants as the source of inspiration towards peace
• Distortion of the masculine principle to become the driving power behind the warfare
• Distortion of the message issued ages ago by the three grand monotheistic religions has caused the decline of their power to stand for peace.
• The loss of human capacity of compassion
• The dualistic pattern of the inevitable fight between “bad” and “good”
• Human aggression towards animals and other beings of Gaia