Proposed by Marko Pogačnik and LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity

The space and time structure is undergoing basic transformation at the causal levels – behind the scene of our 3D reality. Sooner or later the new multidimensional composition of reality will become our daily experience.
It is already now possible to get experiences of the new constitution of reality and by this to tune one’s body to the transforming process and to support changes globally. This is the purpose of the following Meditation of the Month. I propose several diverse possibilities as entry for the individual exploration.

  1. Imagine sitting within the sphere of your environment (or the Earth as the whole). Turn slowly the sphere around your body in the direction of your back space till you arrive to the starting position.
    Be attentive to the changes in your perception. Listen to the possible messages. If desired you can take also the way back.
  2. Another variation: Imagine a green dot further away in front of your heart centre. Go with the green dot around your body in the direction of your back space. It is the same path as the Sun is taking in the classical imagination of its circling around the Earth. That part of the path behind your back is equal to the night. The encircling of the body can be done also at the horizontal plane – also at different chakra levels.
  3. This Gaia Touch hand cosmogram can be also of help:
  • To represent the old body structure the hands should form a sphere in such a way that the tips of the corresponding fingers, including the thumbs, touch each other. We have formed a closed sphere that has a one-dimensional character like the ball of the Earth seen as a material object spinning around the Sun.
  • To proceed towards the new body structure which is multidimensional we need to glide with one hand towards the left and the other to the right simultaneously (the finger tips touching) till we arrive to the following finger composition:
  • Both small fingers touch the tips of the thumbs. The other three fingers are directed towards the open space at the left and right. Instead of a closed ball of the body we have an open structure allowing the breath of the Earth and the Universe to glide through.
  • Not less important is the connection between both thumbs and the small fingers. It stands for the new driving force behind the human evolution and the evolution of the Earthly Cosmos. It can be identified as the power of consciousness (the small fingers) coupled with the inspiration of our sister evolutions with which we share the beauty of the Earth (the thumbs).