Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity and Marko Pogačnik


During a concert dedicated to whales and dolphins (part of the international meeting of Lifenet in Bad Meinberg) I received a call from the race of dolphins directed to humanity, saying “Do not destroy the Earth, our common heritage!”

During the last days this call got a more touchable background. It turns out that the alienated human civilization has developed more or less secret ways to enslave the element of water with the aim to govern the web of life.

There exist three aspects of enslaving water. Here are proposals how to work towards freeing the water body regarding the three aspects.


Water represents the backbone of the sacred web of life. Infusing water with distorted information the backbone of life’s organism upon the Earth is about to be pushed out of balance. As a result phenomena may appear upon the Earth that do not belong to the family of Gaia’s creation at all.

  1. Imagine that your backbone transforms into a solid column of water. Make sure that the upright position of the water column be restored through identification with your backbone.
  2. Be aware that different layers of the water column represent different aspects of life and the access to different families of beings that all are based upon the water cycle.
  3. Then allow the water column to disperse, its different layers bringing the information to the corresponding aspects of the web of life.


As a consequence of human ignorance towards the sacred dimension of water consciousness (as embodied for example by dolphins and whales) a demonic kind of consciousness is taking on governance over large portions of oceans and other water bodies.

To support the dolphin consciousness, take on following position:

  • Your heels touch each other while the feet are apart as much as possible. You got one leg and the dolphin tail.

  • Lift your hands to the side of your breast at the level of your heart to mimic dolphin’s dorsal fins and to open your heart.

  • Experiencing yourself as a part of the global noosphere (consciousness sphere) of dolphins and whales, the presence of the cosmic water dimensions is confirmed and supported.


The third aspect is difficult to explain. It is about occupying the primeval powers of water to secure that the dominance over the Earth stays firmly in the hands of organized religious systems.

  1. Imagine that your backbone from the scull down to the coccyx is washed in pure source water to become a clear water column.

  2. Then imagine that from the core of Gaia a golden water column reaches your coccyx. The two water columns fuse at the coccyx to become one.

  3. Make sure that nobody else has approach to your coccyx except the Mother of life.
  4. Distribute this information throughout all water bodies of the Earth.