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Marko taking part in the international selection of the 57th Venice Biennale 2017 entitled “Viva Arte Viva”

This year I am invited to take part twice in the international part of the Venice Biennale selected by Christine Macel from Centre Pompidou, Paris.

As first I take part as a member of the OHO group with some works from 1969-70.
Secondly I take part as an individual artist with my geomantic work about Venice (drawings and books 1986-2016). Both will be exhibited in the Arsenale.
The exhibition will be open from May 13th till November 26st.
There will be one day dedicated to my work called “Tavola aperta” which will take place on Saturday November 18th 2017. That day and the following Sunday I intend besides presenting my work also to do guided tour and workshop for/in Venice. Details will be later published on this website under “Programs”.


Programiran gozd

Marko Pogačnik, 1969, programmed forest, aluminium sheets, numerical program

Some background to my present-day art work

My work in art started in 1962 with my first exhibition featuring ready-made objects.

In 1965 we founded together with the poet Iztok Geister the OHO movement that after 1969 transformed into the OHO group. We worked in conceptual art, land art, performance, film etc. (for documentation see Moderna galerija Ljubljana).

In 1971 OHO group transformed into a commune to integrate daily life into the art work – including agriculture and serving as a spiritual centre for that time Yugoslavia. We worked in the field of art as “Sempas family” (1971-79).

After 1979 my art work transformed into a specific form ofecological art that I call lithopuncture i.e. “acupuncture of the Earth” (see the button “Lithopuncture”).

Parallel to this I started together with my wife Marika after 2005 to build art installations in galleries and museums. We use for this purpose the language of cosmograms expressed through natural materials.

Enjoy some of our installations photographed by Bojan Brecelj.



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