The Kinesiograms

Kinesiograms are “hand written signs,” the word “Kinesiograms” means signs or gestures that move specific energies. I believe the kinesiogram signs represent a form of fairy language.

They were one after another given to me before entering a more difficult period of Earth transforming process so that we have a tool to protect ourselves and stay healthy and creative during the coming changes. I believe if choosing several and doing them regularly or even for the need of the moment they work not only for the good of the given individual but also for the Gaian universe as a whole. After a while choose some others.

To draw the sign first assemble all five fingertips in one point – decide which hand you want to use – or change hands after a while. This is your “pencil.” Then you should draw the kinesiogram in the space in front of you. Kinesiograms are constructed so that they can be drawn in a continuous motion as long as you wish, moving back and forth along the line.

The sign is best drawn with your outstretched arm but it can also be done closer to your body, or even in your imagination. The arrows in the diagram show the direction of your movement in one direction, and then continue in the opposite direction. Important parts of the kinesiograms are “dots.” You create a dot by stopping with the drawing for a split second, striking a beat, and then immediately continuing with the line. The dots are important for positioning your work into the universal memory. Whenever there is only one dot in the kinesiogram this means that you can move continuously (and not back and forth).

Start at one of the dots of the kinesiogram and draw the shape a few times in succession without interruption and in a solemn attitude.

Here are some kinesiograms for your free use:

Kinesiograms 1-7

Kinesiogram 1: celebrates the feminine divinity. Starting from the dot move first to the right and when you arrive at the dot again continue to the left, and so on.

Kinesiogram 2: supports peace within you and in the world. Starting at the dot the arrows show you how to move.

Kinesiogram 3: is a healing sign also helping to rise up from a depressive state. Start at the bottom dot and move down to change into the snake-like upward movement.

Kinesiogram 4: is a sign of protection. Helps also to centre oneself. It can be used for protection of places. Start with the arch between the two dots (protecting shell) and continue with the spiral inside the shell. Then change the direction of the spiral to arrive to the initial dot. Repeat always starting from the initial dot.

Kinesiogram 5: stands for the love sphere (philosphere) of the Earth

Kinesiogram 6: stands for the seven chakras of the newly enlarged human heart system as described in my book on the love sphere of the Earth

Kinesiogram 7: balances the relationship between the inner and the outer world (between the causal and the manifested dimensions)

Kinesiograms 8-13

Kinesiogram 8: to connect to the fairy worlds

Kinesiogram 9: opens portals of connections to parallel world of the Earth cosmos

Kinesiogram 10: opens relationship to the world of ancestors and descendants (to the spiritual world)

Kinesiogram 11: protection

Kinesiogram 12: transformation – sand clock principle

Kinesiogram 13: relationship to the four elements plus the fifth one – dragoness