The network of life embodied within matter is a precious gift of Gaia that should not get lost in the whirlpool of the present Earth changes. It is the cosmic role of animals to keep the network of life vibrating upon the Earth. In the distant past human beings lived long eons integrated within the family of animals. Since then, with the help of the animal within, we are able to enjoy life as incarnated beings.

  • Stand upright with the feet positioned opposite as usually. The heels are as wide apart as possible and the knees touch each other. It is the key to enter that archetypal (causal) level where the animal essence within the body is focused.
  • In this position of the legs you should lean forward to imitate the horizontal nature of the animal body. The hands should be thrown forward to represent the front legs. Stay for few moments in this position.
  • Then move into the upright position to consciously reintegrate the animal essence into your causal body. The feet are still positioned with the heels apart but the knees do not touch each other.
  • Finally change the position of the feet to normal and feel yourself as a human being facing the beauty of the manifested life.
  • Repeat the exercise three times and then stay for few moments in silence so that the information can settle within your body and consciousness.

GAIA TOUCH EXECISE 1 to reconnect with the sources of life

This is the masculine way of reconnection based upon the spindle form.

It is a gift of the being of Slovenian city called Celje (Workshop March 19th 2016)

  • Have your hands crossed above your coccyx to connect with the primeval (dragon) powers from the core of Gaia.
  • Then lift the hands to hold them for a while crossed above your head with palms turned upwards to connect to the cosmic dragon powers of Sophia, the soul of the Universe.
  • Then open the hands to be able to start connecting to both polar sides of the body, the masculine and the feminine (Yang and Yin).
  • Place the left hand upon the right shoulder – while the other hand does not move.
  • Both hands are now open again.
  • Then place the right hand upon the left shoulder – while the other hand does not move.
  • Both hands are again open.
  • Then cross the hands upon your chest to mark the heart center of your being.
  • Open them to let your heart shine through your being and into the world.
  • Start from the beginning again and repeat the exercise few times.

Gaia Touch

GAIA TOUCH EXERCISE 2 to reconnect with the sources of life

This is the feminine way of reconnection based upon the mandorla form.

It is a gift of the being of Zurich during the Marko workshop March 5th 2016

  • Position your hands over the coccyx in such a way to mark the lover point of the body mandorla and to connect to the primeval powers of Sophia, the soul of the universe. (The impulse of Sophia permeates the whole body and has its focus below the root of the spine.)
  • Then draw with hands the form of mandorla around your body till you reach its highest point above your head. It represents the focus of Gaia. (The impulse of Gaia permeates the whole body and has its focus above the crown chakra.)
  • Always follow the movements with your head!
  • Hold the fingers of both hands connected while you lower them to the level of your heart.
  • By doing so you have created a vessel in front of your chest with the intention to concentrate there the powers of your heart.
  • Then open the hands to share the loving power of your heart with life and its beings around you.
  • Position your hands again over your coccyx to start with the exercise again. Repeat it few times and then see how it feels within your body.

Body exercises dedicated to deepening relationship between human beings and the life of the Earth

Gaia Touch exercises were inspired by elementary and other beings of different sacred places of the Earth. They offer them to fellow human beings to help us to attune better to the multidimensional nature of our home planet and its beings, belonging to different levels of reality. The exercises represent a combination of body movements and imaginations, a kind of Yoga dedicated to cooperation with Gaia and her consciousness.

I started to perceive and formulate the Gaia Touch exercises one by one after the year 1998 when the Earth transformation process started to reveal itself. By Earth transformation I do not mean the shadow side only identified as climate changes. According to my perception it is a process through which new conditions of life are emerging upon the planet and a new more subtle space and time structure. I believe that the Mother of Life decided to set these changes into motion to prevent the vital capacities of the Earth to be destroyed. To be able to continue enjoying the beauty and creative challenges of this planet we have to adapt to changes – not just spiritually but also bodily.

The purpose of the Gaia Touch exercises is to stimulate personal development in order to be able to attune to the new emerging reality individually as well as collectively.

Gaia Touch exercises are a form of cosmograms, which means a form of the universal language which can be perceived not just by human but also by other beings of the Earth and the universe. Their authentic power is generated by the consciousness and beings of those sacred places that inspired them – they are usually mentioned in the commentaries to single exercises. The exercises work also in the opposite direction. By performing a Gaia Touch exercise one supports the given place and its beings in their striving to reveal the true identity of the place and to support its unique service to life.

I see Gaia Touch as part of a large planetary movement set in motion to create a new kind of civilization upon the Earth which I call “Geaculture”. This is why at the end of the set of cards Geaculure Manifesto is added.

It is important to know that Gaia Touch exercises work through interaction between the body movements and our capacity of imagination. It is not needed to have always in mind the background of the given exercise while performing it. Yet it needs to know what the purpose of the given exercise is and which are its moments that need to be supported by our imagination.

Enter the world of the given exercise without projections and allow yourself to be carried by its wings.

I hope that more and more people world wide will join Gaia Touch movement and that groups will form to perform the exercises on permanent basis, sharing their experiences and dedicating to relevant themes. Following this aim together with my collaborator Peter Frank from Hagia Chora School of Geomancy and others from LifeNet we organize trainings for those who would like to integrate Gaia Touch into their daily life or would like to organize the mentioned groups. For information see (Germany), (UK), (USA), (Slovenia).

I give thanks to all collaborating with the Gaia Touch movement and wish you excellent experiences.

Marko Pogačnik, Slovenia, September 1st 2013

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