The concept of Earth Healing has changed

LondonDuring the last years the concept of Earth Healing is changing. This is due to intense Earth Changes occurring during the last 14 years at the physical, enteric and spiritual levels of our dear planet Earth. The Changes that I describe in my last book “Gaia’s Quantum Leap” (Quantensprung der Erde) have gone so far that rather of “healing” the disturbed situations in cities and landscapes, one should speak of accompanying the planet in the process of its basic transformation. “Transformation” that in effect is also a transmutation, means:

  1. That the planet is changing its material structure which becomes now more subtle and transparent, so that those finer dimensions of its existence can manifest through it, that till now were pushed back into the realm of invisible. We have to learn how to align our bodies and our consciousness with this basic trans-formation. (ie. moving beyond the existing formal structures).
  2. The planet Earth is awakening as a specific “noosphere” (not just “biosphere”), which means a gigantic field of consciousness. This field of consciousness, usually called Gaia wants to communicate with us as awaken and conscious beings. We urgently need to develop language that functions beyond the framework of the rational logics. It is a kind of a mixture of imaginary, feeling qualities, symbolic images, sounds, movements etc. that I call “universal language” or specifically in my work, “language of the cosmograms”. We need to develop and teach this kind of language to be able to collaborate with the Earth as an intelligent noosphere (expression by Theillard de Chardin).
  3. The so called “Earth Changes” – Earth transformation process – can not succeed if people as conscious beings are not cooperating. We can end in havoc and turmoil.VeniceFish

This means that it needs to give clear information to general public of what is truly going on, while we are observing certain catastrophes occurring around us and show practical possibilities how we can avoid possible disaster by starting to cooperate with the Earth transforming process, which in effect is a cosmic process that can not be stopped.

In this sense, during the last few years I have developed my Earth Healing work (which is in my case a synergetic combination of ecology, art and spiritual approach to life) in following directions:

  • Through writing books/articles and giving lectures I try to establish a solid knowledge on the pluridimensionality of the Earth and about what is going on presently with the planet and humanity regarding the Earth transformation process.
  • Collaborating with different schools of geomancy (Hagia Chora, Raum und Mensch, Cosmogea, VITAAA) I teach how to experience the multidimensionality of landscape/cityscape and to develop human perception, referring to vital, elemental and causal dimensions of reality.
  • If invited, I lead workshops with places and landscapes to address their possible blockades/traumas and to perform together with the group practical and non-religious rituals to help the needed (self)healing processes of those places to move forward. In some cases I use also the method of Lithopuncture.
  • Together with groups of collaborators we are carving and erecting world-wide Geopuncture Circles to start the dialogue with the Earth’s noosphere and to communicate our decision to cooperate with Gaia’s plan for the further evolution of the planet.

Mediterranean-seaIf you would like practically to support my work in any way, you are welcome!

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