Together with an international group of LifeNet artist we have created Geopuncture circle No. 24 at Pecnov, Bohemia in September this year. The theme is “The door of birth towards life – letters to Gaia”

Collaborators: Annette Frederking, Barbara Buttinger-Förster, Brian Newton, Ingrid Tasch, Ivana Petan, Jan Tajboš, Marika and Marko Pogačnik, Simona Čudovan



Geopuncture circle created in Vstiš, close to Plzen, Bohemia

Artists: Barbara Buttinger-Foerster (Austria), Jan Tajboš (Bohemia) Simona Čudovan (Slovenia), Brian Newton (USA) Marika and Marko Pogačnik (Slovenia)

Themes for the cosmograms
Concept by Simona Čudovan



Gaia as Water. Water is an aspect of Gaia’s consciousness. Water as embodiment of her essence (her soul). Water is creative body of Gaia. Water as creative body of Gaia. Who are you Water? What kind of consciousness are you? How do you think?


Water holds connection to a high angelic consciousness. Collaboration of Water with the angelic consciousness leads towards creating the rhythm of life’s growth.


Gaia’s daughters, the three Goddesses, creators of space and time on the Earth represent the grandmothers of Water as it is appearing within the framework of the embodied world. Each of them brings a gift to Water. Love comes from the white Goddess, power of life from the Red one, and purity from the black Goddess.


Creativity of the three Goddesses as related to the Siddhe (fairy) essence of Water. How do they create the archetype that contains the wisdom of Water’s cyclicity.


Siddhe (fairy) essence of Water. The folk of the mothers of Water uphelds the archetype of Water as one of the foundations of life.







Water creates the weaving of Life, thus creating and vitalizing permanently the organism of life.


Water creates love carrying it into the sanctuary of the heart. In this way water makes it alive, confirming the heart as protector of the essence, the truth of life.


The elemental beings of Water, masters of translating the archetype of Water into the embodied world thus creating the body of communication, the body of feeling and sensing. It gives the possibility to feel the quality of everything that life offers and gives the possibility to permeate everything we create with the presence of life. Gaia creates in this way.


The deva of the place, the protectress of the geopuncture circle connecting it with the one at Hagenberg/Linz place (the portal).



Created in 2016 by an international group of artist on the grounds of Zaunreiter Akademie in Hagenberg close to Linz, Austria

The cosmograms of the Geopuncture circle relate to the matrix of life that was worked out during the May 2016 workshop at Zaunreiter Akademie.





positioned in Visoko, close to Sarajevo, Bosnia, standing in the park below the entrance to the Ravne Labyrinth

It was created by the VITAArt Group from Slovenia and its guests from Austria, Bohemia, Croatia, Germany and USA in July 2016. “Geopuncture circles” is a world-wide project by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace, to restore communication between the human race and Gaia, the Earth consciousness and the Mother of life.  Since 2006 geopuncture circles were created in different places such as Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, Canary Islands, Austria, Slovenia, Canada and USA.

Geopuncture circle at Visoko was created in cooperation with the mineral kingdom represented by 24 megaliths of limestone coming from Ljubuški in Herzegovina. Each megalith holds carved a “cosmogram” that represents a universal language that can be perceived not just by human beings but also by beings and consciousness from other dimensions of existence than ours.

Geopuncture circles are always created in the form of a workshop by an international group representing a holographic piece (a fractal) of humanity. Geopuncture circle at Visoko is a donation of VITAAA Association for Coexistence between Human beings, Nature and Environment from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Concept of the geopuncture circle by Simona Čudovan and Marko Pogačnik. Cosmograms created and carved by Annette Frederking, Barbara Buttinger-Foerster, Brian Newton, Bronja Kokalj, Gregor Matos, Iva Korbar, Ivana Petan, Jan Tajboš, Marija Ljubičić, Ana Pogačnik, Marika and Marko Pogačnik, Robert Sorić, Simona Čudovan, Simona Debeljak. Stones positioned by Brian Newton, Gregor Matos and the Bosnian Pyramids Foundation team.















Geopuncture Circle is composed of 24 megaliths with carved cosmograms. Megaliths are positioned in the form of 3 arches:

The purpose of the central arch composed of 10 megaliths is to awake the diverse units of Visoko pyramids system to become active in the present moment of the Earth’s evolution:


Cosmogram dedicated to the Pyramid of the Sun: It shows the pyramid as focus of the cosmic archetype of creation on one side and its connection to Gaia, the Earth consciousness, on the other.











Cosmogram dedicated to the Pyramid of the Moon: The capacity to create has its source at the heart of Gaia’s universe, at the core of the planet, with the water element as mediator.


Cosmogram dedicated to the Pyramid of the Dragon: The transition through the interdimensional portal of the Dragon Pyramid makes it possible for the breath of life to be transferred from the archetypal to the manifested level.


Cosmogram dedicated to the Pyramid of Love: Fairies are weaving the quality of love from the elements of air and water so that it can permeate the landscapes of the Earth as the precondition that the creation of the world becomes possible.


Cosmogram dedicated to the rivers Fojnica and Bosna: Water creates links between different dimensions of reality, thus making possible a constant interaction between the archetypal and manifested worlds.


Cosmogram dedicated to the Temple of the Mother Earth: The inner worlds of the Earth represent a sanctuary where ideas of Gaia are being translated into the beings of the Four Elements (Earth, Fire, Air and Water).


Cosmogram dedicated to the Ravne Labyrinth: Two aspects of the elemental world are cooperating in the process of creation: Beings woven from white light anchor within the Earth a planetary matrix pulsating above Visoko. Beings of Gaia composed of blue light keep the processes of the earthly creation in constant movement.











Cosmogram dedicated to the planetary matrix imprinted into the region of Visoko that represents the basis upon which the composition of the pyramids of Visoko was built to perform their task in the body of the Earth.


Cosmogram dedicated to tumulus of Vratnica: Vratnica holds connection to the archetypal powers of the Earth, the so-called dragon powers, to feed the system of Visoko with the primeval forces needed for its functioning.


Cosmogram dedicated to Bell Tower Hill: The stony ridge is the regulator of breath for the pyramid system of Visoko. It is a treasury of wisdom emanating from the creative core of Gaia and home of ancient beings that stand at the source of life.

The left arch of the composition embodies the archetypes coded within the ceramic megaliths from the Ravne Labyrinth. They represent different aspects of the matrix upon which the creation of life is founded.


The creative process is based upon the archetype of infinite flow of consciousness between the causal and manifested aspects of the Universe.


The archetype of translating eternity into space and time framework enables the embodied world to appear.


The archetype that makes possible that ideas become living beings is related to the cyclic principle of the feminine divinity and its three phases.


The archetype that holds upright the rhythm through which the network of life comes into being: mighty angels together with ancient fairy beings vibrate the rhythm of matter to become transformed into the breath of life.











The all-presence of Gaia consciousness is constantly distributed across the world in the form of subtle membranes by fairy beings sleeping within the ceramic megaliths.


The archetype concerning the birth of life’s organism: cooperation between elemental beings originating at the heart of Gaia and the network of micro-organisms makes the organic life to blossom.


Archetype of wholeness is the all-encompassing principle that transcends the split of dualism.

The right arch of the composition supports the role of Visoko system within the Earth as the whole and within the organism of Europe.


Gaia/the Earth as a cosmic creative consciousness: Visoko seen as a grail of Gaia’s world creation – a hymn to Gaia as a master of embodiment.


The system of Visoko together with the complex of pyramids, the labyrinth and the ceramic megaliths represents the womb of life. From the womb of Gaia four evolutions appear; the one of plants, animals, minerals and human beings.


The landscape reaching from Visoko across the Adriatic Sea till Sardinia on one side and on the other side till the Carpathian Mountains represents the belly of Europe composed of two circular units with Bosnia and Visoko at its center.











The creative polarity of the belly region is based upon the creative interaction between the feminine and masculine principles of creation.


The cosmogram embodies the relationship between the creative system of Visoko and the elemental heart of Europe – the system pulsating between Plitvice water sanctuary, Maribor landscape, Grossglockner Mountain, Vipava valley and Venice.


Cosmogram dedicated to the protectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina that are called to hold peace and coexistence in the country and among its inhabitants.


The pyramid complex at Visoko holds upright the connection between the body of Europe and Greece. Representing Europe’s root system it is capable of inspiring human civilization to create new forms of culture.


Together with LIFEnet groups and individuals from different countries, in the year 2005 we started to create a world-wide composition of stone circles with cosmograms. We are building them on certain acupuncture points of the planet, following a specific theme that relates to the Earth as a whole and not just to the given place.

Till now following Geopuncture circles are standing:

  • Tamera, Portugal, the theme: Archetypes of a peaceful civilization with 58 standing stones, most of them carved with cosmogrammes. (2005-06)
  • Zagreb, Croatia: the theme: Solar Plexus of Europe (2006)
  • In the year 2007 we were working on a Geopuncture circle in the Botanical gardens of Prague, Bohemia with the theme: “World Equilibrium”. In 2014 the Equilibrium has got a new place in Adrspach, also Bohemia
  • Fuerteventura, Canarian islands, theme: “We are” (2007)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia, theme: “Hologram of Europe” (2008)
  • Louiseville, Kentucky, USA, Foxhollow Farm: the theme “28 aspects of the divine presence on Earth” (2008)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia, Theme: “Focus Point of Peace” (2009)
  • Norton Commons, Kentucky: Community of different worlds and evolutions constituting the pluridimensional Earth” (2010)
  • Emerson Woods, Kentucky: Theme: “Beings of the causal dimensions” (2010)
  • Klagenfurt, Austria: Theme: “Creative powers” (2010)
  • Toronto, Canada: Theme: “Myths of creation” (2011)
  • Sevnica, Slovenia: Theme: “Honoring the river Sava” (2012)
  • Brač, Croatia: Theme: “Honoring the power of the heart” (2014)
  • Donov, Bohemia: Theme: “Dedicated to Animals” (2015)


A manifesto


During the last decade it became obvious that our planet Earth is changing. Escalation of natural and cultural catastrophic events is not to oversee.

The changes are so profound that even extremely courageous corrections of our modern way of life can not deliver a complete solution to the unhealthy situation. We mean herewith possible corrections of the modern technology towards “green technologies” as well as proposals worked out by the movements dedicated to the alternative ways of living.

The solution has to be searched persistently also at other levels of reality that are currently ignored by the rational mind.

And yet their existence is proven through the mythical heritage of traditional cultures and also through the multidimensional perception developed by different branches of the modern geomantic movement.

Tamera, Portugal

Tamera, Portugal


The term “other levels of reality” refers to those dimensions of the multidimensional planetary space where the matrix of our day-to-day reality is stored and reproduced in each moment to make the manifested life possible.

These dimensions are called causal dimensions because there the archetypal patterns are woven that effect the constitution of our space of reality in a decisive way.

Seen from the causal dimensions of reality everything that exists is nothing else but consciousness.

In this sense planetary consciousness is not an abstract thing but is a being usually called “Gaia consciousness”.

Foxhollow, Kentucky

Foxhollow, Kentucky


The project of GEOPUNCTURE CIRCLES was created in January 2004 to contact the Gaia consciousness world-wide.

We firmly believe that by developing dialogue between human beings and the planetary consciousness it is possible to find solution to the chaotic situation that humanity is facing in the framework of the Earth changes.

The solution we are seeking includes the quantum leap of the human consciousness towards a holistic way of thinking, feeling and being.

Fuerteventura, Canarian Islands

Fuerteventura, Canarian Islands


GEOPUNCTURE CIRCLES is an art-of-life project based upon the experience of lithopuncture and the knowledge of the universal language called “language of the cosmograms”.

Lithopuncture is a method of ecological healing, through which positioning of stones on acupuncture points of the given landscape is combined with the language of cosmograms and the holistic awareness of the Earth as an autonomous and multidimensional microcosm.

Language of cosmograms is an effort to develop such a language that can be perceived not just by humans but also by other beings that do not have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Language of cosmograms is a pictorial language, sometimes a form of body language and always an energy emanating language.

Hologram Evrope, Ljubljana

Hologram Evrope, Ljubljana


GEOPUNCTURE Circles represent larger compositions of stones with carved cosmograms positioned at a certain place upon the planetary body of Gaia.

GEOPUNCTURE Circles are always a group creation.

For each of the GEOPUNCTURE Circles a different theme will be developed that refers to the relationship between the Earth consciousness, the nature and human culture.

Creating GEOPUNCTURE CIRCLES always follows a certain process:

  1. The place for the Circle has to be chosen according to its geomantic characteristics that ensure the proper functioning of the circle.

  2. The preparation process is a vital part of a Geopuncture Circle. It runs through a longer period in which the participants study the basics of the holistic (geomantic) approach to the Earth organism, widened perception, the language of cosmograms and the skill of stone carving.

  3. In the third phase participants start to design cosmograms related to the chosen theme and its aspects.

  4. Participants meet in a workshop when the designed cosmograms are being carved through handwork and the stones positioned on their proper places.

  5. Once erected, a Geopuncture Circle can become a place for group rituals, for individual vision quest or meditation and for networking.




The knowledge, how to create Geopuncture Circles is partly derived from the study of the megalithic stone circles. We realised that ancients were using stone to store information and to communicate with the help of crystals that compose the stone body.

Also the language of cosmograms is partly based upon studies of ancient languages of sacred geometry, language of symbols and rituals.


The purpose of the GEOPUNCTURE Circles is different than erecting the ancient stone circles when the coexistence between Gaia consciousness, the nature and human culture was not distorted.

Through creating GEOPUNCTURE Circles we try to reintroduce the dialogue between human culture and the planetary consciousness after it has broken down.

Even if it is not possible to return to the ancient innocent status of human culture, a new more equal relationship between the human civilization and the consciousness of the Earth and its kingdoms can be developed.

GEOPUNCTURE Circles are a collective instrument to develop such a dialogue of partnership between the human race and Gaia, the Earth’s body and soul consciousness.

Šempas, March 31st 2011, Marko Pogačnik

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