This installation enables us to experience space dimensions that extend beyond the standard materialized horizon of space and time. This has been achieved by special signs that the author calls cosmograms. With the help of visual language, a feature of a given space dimension that can be felt and experienced through touch is inscribed in the cosmograms. The installation is shaped as a labyrinth composed of parallel spaces through which the visitor can find his way by touching its walls and be guided from one experience to another.

We have come to an era in the development of Earth marked by significant changes in the structure of space and time, in the way our daily reality is presented. In order not to become strangers on our own planet, which is going through transformation, it is important to gather experience from parallel dimensions of existence. Art wields tools and language that can help bring our experience closer to what ostensibly does not yet exist, but is, in fact, present in the realm of the invisible.

The installation is complemented with relief drawings representing creatures and dimensions of space that man today perceives as invisible even though they are a vital part of the living cosmos. The experience of invisible spaces is also complemented by cosmograms, which Marika Pogačnik made from different types of wood, so their different qualities can be experienced by touch.