MEDITATION OF THE MONTH May 20th – June 20th 2020

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Geomancy and Transformation – created by Marko Pogačnik


To be able to become individual beings of freedom we had at one point in our evolution to forget collectively the sense of oness with our soul essence and with our elemental self. This happened presumably during the transition from the matrifocal Neolithicum to the patriarchally ruled Bronze Age. Not having any more the key to contact one’s own soul (eternal self) during our incarnation and listening to its advice, human beings became more or less egocentric and hostile beings. By suppressing our relationship to the elemental matrix that we share with all other beings of Gaia, human beings became destructors of the living Earth.

The time of change has come inevitably. If we want to continue enjoying hospitality of Gaia, we need to find our way to reconnect with our elemental (fairy) essence and to reestablish the link with our individual soul.

  • Imagine the cells of your body are plants with the capacity to grow and to express their beauty within you. If they do not grow they need to be watered gently.
  • Be persistent with this imagination. At one moment your elemental self will show to you in the form of a vision or as a specific feeling. Do not be afraid, it may look very strange yet know that this is you as a part of Gaia. Embrace it so deeply that its presence gets imprinted into your cell memory and into your heart.
  • To reintegrate your soul (eternity) aspect, imagine to go three (or nine) steps backward, always starting with the left foot.
  • While staying where you are (not making a move with your body) imagine turning around and walking the three (or nine) steps towards yourself standing at your back.
  • Then embrace your eternal (soul) self so deeply that its presence gets imprinted into your cell memory and into your heart.
  • Send the experience of this double marriage to your fellow human beings so that everybody could find her or his way to the bliss of reunion.

Some difficulty may appear in the process of this reintegration because you may have some unresolved problems in relationship to both aspects of yourself. In this case use the transforming power of the violet ray, or ask your spiritual guides for help or use the Gaia Touch personal ritual of divine grace.