Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


It is good to remember that the flow of life force through our bodies and through the human creation is not something automatic. Those mighty beings that are usually called Devas recognize the organisms of life through their (our) connection to the matrix of life that Gaia and her beings have established upon the Earth throughout billions of years. Since our civilization is rapidly loosing that vital link, we as a bunch of modern cultures are less and less recognized by Devas as part of life organism. The consequence does not need to be put into words.

To reverse this trend we need to give more attention to our personal integrity and integrity (connectedness) of our cultures. We propose this month be dedicated to this theme. Here are some proposals that can be developed individually:

  • Imagine that there is a staircase leading in front of you into the depth of the Earth in the form of an arch. Walk the staircase to touch the matrix of life stored in the depth of the Earth.
  • It is not needed to use this image. Just walk your consciousness towards that level within the Earth body. Become aware of your connectedness to the heart of Gaia.
  • Then continue walking “the staircase” upwards behind your back. This is to integrate the causal (archetypal) levels of your being.
  • Walking your consciousness behind your back upwards you will arrive to the realms high above your head. There you can touch the cosmic matrix that works as inspiration for the evolutions of Gaia throughout eons of time. Take your time to experience this dimension too.
  • While “walking” downwards in front of your body the spiral of your movement becomes narrower. You arrive at the point between your feet that is in resonance with the core of Gaia.
  • Take yourself time to experience.
  • Continuing the spiral behind your back you arrive at the space behind your heart region. The place needs to be experienced first.
  • Then go forward through your heart center and distribute the inspiration towards greater integrity into the space of our culture. (Heart center in effect is an interdimansional portal.)
  • During the whole imagination you should take care that the rounded up space of your body is large enough.


Another way to help our civilization to re-link is to take with you on the way down towards the matrix of life certain aspects of our modern culture that are essential for our existence but have lost their connectedness or have become even destructive. Observe how they transform when touching the matrix.

The decision to work on Monthly Meditation was made during the first international meeting of LifeNet in Lendava, Slovenia in 2008. We wish to make you aware that this year in June we have the 5th International gathering on Island Brac, Croatia and that you are invited to join us. Links: