Proposed by LifeNet – Geomancy and Transformation

Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity

The March/April meditation touches upon the shadow aspects of this moment. To be just to Gaia and her efforts to constitute the new pluridimensional space-and-time reality of the planet, we need to give attention also to the light aspects.

This is the purpose of the Addition to the Meditation of the Month:

  1. Imagine holding in front of your plexus a lake among your hands – possibly doing also the corresponding gesture.
  2. Imagine that behind your back there is another lake at the same level. Both lakes mirror each other. They are nearly identical but be aware that the lake behind your back has another quality, more archetypal or fairy-like.
  3. Then imagine that there is a stream of exchange between both lakes. The stream follows the figure of infinity (lemniscate/figure of 8) mowing from the back side lake to the front side lake and back to the back side.
  4. In this way the archetypal and elemental qualities/energies of the back side lake come forward to become active in the manifested world of the living reality.
  5. The point of transition from one lake to another (the zero point of the lemniscate/figure of 8) is positioned just below the point of the breast bone. While water is moving back and forth you can feel it touching the pointed end of the breastbone.
  6. Follow the imagination for a while, then be in peace and observe what happens within you.

The same meditation can be done at the level of the heart. In this case the heart centre represents the interdimensional portal of exchange between both lakes.






Proposed by LifeNet – Geomancy and Transformation; Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity

To get poison out of the memories related to Atlantis

During the last week or two there was urgency to be felt saying that the memories of the fall of the ancient Atlantis civilization have to be neutralized. The developments in the world show that humanity is not conscious enough not to follow the same path of self-destruction as reported in relationship to the late Atlantis period by different seers.

To reduce the power of the magnetic pull towards cataclysm, the poison needs to be taken out from the mentioned memories stored first of all in the water element, but also related to animal misuse and misuse of fire. Here are some proposals how we can work on their transformation:

The sacred element of Water

Imagine yourself standing at the shore of a water body. Tune to its presence.

Then turn your attention to the mighty star constellations of Zodiac (Greek for Animals Circle). They have the magnetic power to pull out of water the cataclysmic memories of the time of the fall of Atlantis. (Be aware that Atlantis was a water civilization.)

The poison within those memories rises towards a violet membrane of transformation span high up between the star constellations to be transformed back to pure energy of life.

Do not forget the water within your own body that might also need to go through the process and observe what kind of changes follow.

Misuse of animal kingdom

Certain records give testimony of magic practices whereby the subtle human bodies were at that time bred with some animals to make human beings to loose their true identity. The consequences that were not transmuted are great burden to the animal kingdom and represent a source of human disorientation so grave at this time.

Imagine that as a large group of human family we are standing in the middle of a circle created by all sorts of animals. They are identical with their archetypes – forming a kind of Zodiac upon the Earth.

Allow that animal archetypes take out of the body of the human race the foreign particles of animal substance implanted into human body. Imagine animals taking them transmuted back into their bodies.

Then work on reconstructing your identity as a human being.

Misuse of the Fire element

The Fire element bears the memory of its misuse in the form of atomic power. Memory is in this case stored underground in the layers of the Earth.

On the other hand the element of Fire remembers its misuse as spiritual weapon. In this case the memory hangs in the atmosphere as whirlpools of fire.

The beings of water are offering help in both cases simultaneously. Be in resonance with the beings of water and ask them to act as neutralizers for the irritated fire.

Then imagine standing at a large water body. Let the mentioned memory stored in the Earth rise through the water body into the atmosphere to become neutralized as pure light.

At the same time the fire suspended in the atmosphere descends to pass the water body and get also neutralized and stored in the layers of the Earth.

Observe the process and rejoice at its outcome.