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Dear friends of the living Earth!

I had a dream tonight urging me to undertake something to prevent consequences of a possible (nuclear?) catastrophe. The message of the dream felt so urgent that I decided to share it with all of you who are concerned about the destiny of our planetary home.

In the dream I see an angry father who decided to kill his son because of an insult. He is about to beat him to death behind a kind of a nuclear reactor. Seeing it, I start to sing/shout with an enormous powerful voice: “Oh alas, Mother, must it be, oh alas Mother, must it be, oh alas Mother…”. My intervention helps in a strange way because I see then the father coming towards me with the son leaning upon his shoulders. His leg and parts of the body are broken. They look both grey but they both survived.

I shouted the above sentence so powerfully that I got awaken through my own voice.

In the dream I did not try to prevent the expected event. It may be something that needs to happen from different reasons. Instead I stayed aside asking the Mother of life to create conditions through which the “fight” would not have deadly consequences for the life of Earth and its beings.

Practically it would mean that we as human beings should hold the space so that Gaia and her beings can act properly in the given situation. Human assistance may be needed because the conditions addressed are so completely under human control that subtle beings have difficulty to approach them.

You can proceed according to your intuition or insights. My proposal is following:

  • Imagine the alienated space of the world (being aware of its dangerous spots) as being for a moment separate from you. If you know Gaia Touch you can do the gesture of detachment from it. In this way you should step out of it.
  • Now do in your imagination a clear step backward out of the existing world structure as upheld by the alienated human consciousness, followed by a second step backward.
  • You are standing now two steps behind your heart center. The place where you are standing can be understood as the divine background of your heart system.
  • While you are standing there hold with your hands embraced that aspect of reality where the human civilization presently settles. Be aware also of others who collaborate in the meditation and feel how a circle of light is being created by all of us.
  • Ask the Mother of the Earthly Cosmos and other beings of life and light that you know and whom you trust to use the circle offered to act and to guide the foreseen event so that the foundations of life and its beings be safe and protected.

The proposed meditation can be done parallel to the current Meditation of the Month as long as you feel it is needed. Thank you for your collaboration.

Proposed by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace