Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


Working in America and Scandinavia last month I realized that the mineral world steps in an intensive phase of awakening. Realizing that minerals are mainly pure consciousness it becomes relative easy to enter their world, to get to know its dimensions and to communicate with them.

Not less important is the act of recognizing minerals as wise living beings and realizing that it is possible to move through their world because it shatters the human preconception that stones are hard and dumb objects. As a result it should be not possible any more to misuse them for constructing arms and other destructive technology.

Breaking down the false thought form also means to create more space in the human consciousness to accept the immense changes that happen right now while the body of the Earth (and of the human being also) is moving towards restoring its pluridimensional nature. The false belief in the objective nature of stones keeps the Earth’s lithosphere too dense so that the upcoming changes are forced to implement their destructive powers to be able to manifest the renewed Earth body.

To enter the space of a stone, a mineral, or a crystal

  • Be present in your body and ask for permission.
  • A good way to enter the world of a stone is to spiral yourself in.
  • Imagine going around your body and through your back space and then enter the stone or a crystal from the side.
  • Do not doubt at any moment that it is possible to enter a stone or a crystal because both of you are primarily consciousness.
  • Be aware that the most part of the stone world might extend outside the stone itself but it can be approached only through its inside.
  • Gather experiences of contacting stones and minerals to support their path of awakening.
  • Talk to them and listen to their answers.

A meditation to free minerals from the obligation to follow the human will if working against life

  • Imagine some of the great mountain ranges present behind your back. They represent the mighty parents of stones, minerals and crystals.
  • Be aware of their magnetic power to suck-in and transform human projections that allow stones, minerals and crystals to be used according to human egocentric will.
  • To detach this kind of projections from the mineral world you can use also the Gaia Touch exercise of detachment. (See my book Universe of the Human body, Lindisfarne Books 2016, page 192)
  • While declaring mineral kingdom free of human projections you should recognize yourself as a holographic unit (a fractal) of humanity.

Wish you much joy in contacting the mineral kingdom,

Marko Pogačnik