Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity
and Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace


The last Meditation of the month was dedicated to the challenges of the rapidly disintegrating world structure. The reverse aspect of the same process is not less challenging for the human beings. I am referring to Gaia renewing and strengthening of her immune systems with the help of her “dragon powers”. She must prevent the danger that the thread of life upon the Earth could be broken.

In the modern geomancy the term of dragon powers denotes the primeval (archetypal) powers of the Earth. Even if diverted into terrible monsters during the past ages, the dragon consciousness is identical with the angelic beings of Gaia – representing her primordial creative powers. We meet the dragon powers in the everyday life:

  • either transformed into the life giving powers of bio-energy,
  • or present as the building units of the embodied world, the atoms.

Yet there is also a third way through which the dragon powers have an enormous impact upon the life of the Earth and its beings. They embody the wisdom Gaia’s how to protect life, especially in the times of change as ours is. They are capable of accelerating the protective movements within and around the Earth enormously.

To be able to cope with the accelerating immune systems of the Earth, we need to establish again the link with the dragon powers (primeval powers of Gaia – her angels) within our own body. Human beings need to learn again how to dance with them and not be crushed by their increasing power. Here are some proposals:


It is of basic importance to hold connection to the presence of Gaia in your pelvic cavity. Starting from this focus of Gaia’s presence, your personal dragon is moving in a spiral way to reach upwards to the level of the heart and from there expanding to different regions of the body and its aura. Explore the way through which the angelic powers of Gaia (your own dragon’s qualities) are creating the new features of your immune system. In this process the element of water is equally important as the element of fire.


Give attention to the movements of the micro-biom (the multitude of microbe families within our body) when it starts to dance, following the accelerated movements of the personal dragon consciousness. The microbe family is capable of translating the patterns of the new upgraded immune system into embodied action.


To call the presence of your personal dragon consciousness you can use syllables HO, HI, HU, HE, or HA sounding them (silently) within your belly space, then the heart and finally throat space. Be aware of the quality of vibrations that come into being.