LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity

Proposed by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace

I see the unique power and beauty of the present epoch in the fact that parallel to the Earth changing process runs a much larger cycle of change in which our universe is involved. To tell in the simplest way, the universe built upon the hierarchical principles is transforming into a “democratic” kind of cosmos organized upon the horizontal networks of sharing, synergy and love-based relationships between different worlds, beings and dimensions.

The knowledge of this vast cycle of change was brought to the human race by the Christ during his short time of incarnation through Jesus from Nazareth. Since then it is the angelic sphere of consciousness that in collaboration with Gaia and her elementary beings holds the link between the Earth and the cosmic transformation cycle.

Few days ago through a remarkable dream I was made aware that there is a force at work that tries to separate Gaia and her evolutions from the angelic consciousness that is the driving power behind the mentioned cosmic dimension of change. If separated there is the danger of the Earth retarding and loosing the momentum of universal transformation.

This is the moment to support Gaia, the Mother of Life. If the Earth becomes separated from the angelic consciousness then the thread of transformation related to our home planet can be lost.

Find your own ways to get experience of the described situation or the way to support Gaia in this moment. My proposal to work on this theme in a collective way is following:

  • It is possible to do the meditation alone or to connect to the imaginative group that is collaborating with the Meditation of the Month project. In this case imagine to create together a circle that moves together.
  • Imagine diving deep down into the Earth remembering that the planetary body is first of all a form of consciousness.
  • Anchor yourself in the depth of the Earth with a multitude of subtle but strong roots.
  • Then start to ascend towards the Earth surface taking the roots with you.
  • After you have reached the surface make a short break to tune to the horizontal web of life.
  • Continue ascending towards the heights of the universe taking that bunch of roots with you.
  • There in the heights of the universe imagine touching the angelic consciousness. Take a pause. See how it feels.
  • Then start to descend and to bring the touch of the angelic realm deep down into the Earth to reconnect the angelic consciousness with the essence of Gaia.
  • It is advisable to repeat few times the up and down in this way. To finish the meditation stay on your feet after you have (while descending) reached the Earth surface once again.