MEDITATION OF THE MONTH DECEMBER 20TH 2016 – January 20th 2017

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


Without that we may notice it, our human way of perception is a heavy tool of suppression. Very rarely people are aware that by looking around we automatically project upon the landscapes of Gaia our extremely limited way of seeing reality of life.

The whole creation around us, visible and invisible exists in the moment, which means to exist in the true reality. Human beings on contrary are used to float between past and future not taking care to be consciously present in the now. Through this attitude a stiff membrane foreign to the rhythms of life, is being constantly projected upon reality hindering the flow of life.

It is not just about the others. In this way we as human beings hold ourselves separate from life and its beings. This can become difficult for us in the epoch of change when Gaia makes great efforts to free her creation from foreign powers and projections. Before we find ourselves excluded from the flow of life, we should do our best to be present in the moment and thus become conscious points of connection between humanity and the organism of life.

My proposals how to work on this theme are following:


Take yourself here and now a moment to be present – and then continue with your work.

To be present means to be grounded, connected and centred in one.


Take a single-moment-look at your environment – supposed that you are in nature’s environment.

Then observe the reflection of it within your heart space.

If you are in a room or urban environment perform the one-moment-look at a stone, a plant or some other living being in your ambience.


The perception in the moment can be used while exploring a place in the geomantic sense.

In such a case you should take the glimpse of the place within yourself.

Then take enough time for that moment to develop within yourself as an insight into the phenomena you are exploring.


Make the Gaia Touch gesture of detachment or a gesture of putting aside the false membrane to get a glimpse of the true reality.

Beings of life visible and invisible will be grateful because you have allowed them to be as they are.