Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


While deeply reaching and also shameful changes are taking place around us, we as people of goodwill need to make all that we can to prevent collapse of life systems of our beloved Earth. Having experiences and knowledge from geomancy, we are aware how subtle and vulnerable the life-giving systems of Gaia are. They should not be broken down by the more and more violent modern civilization.

One thing that we can do is to clean the memory fields pulsating between us as couples, between us as collaborators at LifeNet and also as members of the human family. Transmuting the rubbish that got caught through years or even millennia in our causal (inner) worlds would be of great help. It represents a burden for Gaia, not allowing her to move more freely between the cliffs of blockades.

We tested this exercise among our Slovenian LifeNet group and felt it valuable to be proposed as the Meditation of the Month.

  • It depends which level you take in consideration. If it is about relationship between two people, so imagine sitting together at both sides of a flat silvery vessel. If it is possible of course both persons should be present.
  • If a group is concerned, you should sit around that vessel. Also it is possible to work with the group as a single person present. In this case imagine the group of concerned people sitting around the silvery vessel. Work of this kind needs urgently to be performed also among us collaborating with LifeNet during the last two decades.
  • Then ask your invisible helpers or those beings that you cooperate with or those you trust to be present and to help in the transmuting process. Imagine and feel their presence.
  • Then ask that from the back space (causal) levels of yours and others all projections, poison stored in the memory, even in the racial memory etc. – you decide what is relevant to your intention – be poured into the silvery vessel. Allow enough time for this to happen and follow the process through your perception. Allow also that false information be added that Gaia and her beings want to be transmuted now. Be sure to reach deep enough backward to make possible that also the humiliations concerning the Goddess are included in the transmuting process
  • Then the vessel should be lifted into the realms where the transmutation process in the cosmic realms is possible. At the same time the vessel should be lowered deep down to the sphere of the primeval creative beings of Gaia that are called dragons. (This double kind of movement is not logical but it works well.)
  • Give enough time to this and observe the process.
  • Now become aware of the new quality of space that came into existence after the two vessels have gone into the two directions for transmutation.
  • Walk into that space and try to embody it as much as possible so that it can more and more become the space of our everyday existence. Give thanks. Share your experiences with others in the group.