Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


There is water all around and within us. There is crystallized water in the Universe and deep down below the tectonic plates. The water drops distributed all around and also within us make possible that the world exists as a hologram and that we can exist as embodied beings also.

One possibility to get an individual approach to Gaia and the beings of her creation is to imagine the world as a hologram, mirroring the creative ideas of Gaia in the all embracing universe of water. The result is the body we inherit and the world we live in.

Seeing it in this way the artificially reinforced hardness of the material world becomes more fluid and thus more open to the present day changes of the Earth and its beings – human beings included. It will help us in our own changing process.

Imagine that your body with all its dimensions is composed of drops of water suspended in the void.

See how it feels to be embodied and yet not hardened.

Observe how your relationship to the body and your environment changes when you become aware that you and the world around you is a hologram held manifested through myriads of water drops.

Observe your presence or presence of some other being in the mirror of one single water drop.

If you enter the water drop in your imagination, what do you experience?

Going into the landscape and look around being aware that what you see is a divine image of the world manifested with the help of the creative ideas of Gaia mirrored in the water body of that landscape, composed of myriads of water drops.

Allow yourself to have fun by being rooted in another element. Enjoy the fluid universe of your being.