Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


The Earth is rapidly changing the constitution of that aspect of her cosmos in which we, human beings, dwell sharing the space with the plants, animals and minerals. We need to follow her rhythms of change to be sure that we do not loose connection with the thread of life.

Of course, the world where we dwell together with animals, plants and minerals is not the only one. Gaia has prepared several “houses” at different levels of existence to offer them as dwelling places to different evolutions that enjoy her hospitality. She creates them when they are needed and decomposes them when they become useless. One could consider as useless the world we reside in presently. It can be considered as useless because human culture has outgrown it, being capable to manipulate and to block any of Gaia’s tools of creation. She can not teach us much more in this situation. And yet learning from the wisdom of Gaia is one of the main reasons why we approached the planet Earth and asked for its hospitality,

In the present moment we are still residing within the “old hose” while the new one is being rapidly prepared. My experience says that the time has come to get accustomed to the new rules of existence governing the “new house”. This means first of all to learn how to transfer the focus of grounding from the “old” to the “new apartment”.

The best way to explore this is to ask your elemental master, spiritual guides or invisible helpers to show you different ways how to do the grounding in the “new house” in your own way. Not less important is to explore the new “apartment”.

Here is my proposal:

  • Sit for a while in peace. Be present, and connect to the centre of the Earth and the Universe. Also connect to the causal levels at your back and the purpose of your existence that you can feel as your guiding star in the front of your body.
  • Then create a double of yourself as if it would sit at your side, shoulder to shoulder but turned with the face in the opposite direction (backwards!).
  • After a while you should identify with your “double”. How does it feel? A bit strange perhaps? Be aware of your grounding.

Since we have still much to do in the “old house”, we will need constantly to go back and forth between the two “apartments”. But do not forget to attune again and again to the new focus of existence.