Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


The elemental heart represents a holographic piece (a fractal) of the heart of Gaia pulsating within each being belonging to her creation. In the case of the human being it is located around the lower end of the breastbone. You can imagine it in the form of a double cone or a spinning top. Its lower peak relates to the source of the primeval life impulses at the centre of the belly, its upper peak connects to the centre of the human heart system. Equally important is the point behind the end of the breastbone since it connects to the archetypes of the heart system as well as the point in the front that opens the door to the manifested dimensions of life

The elemental heart, almost forgotten in human culture, represents the optimal possibility within the human being to communicate with Gaia, the creator of life, and to connect to her creative powers. The purpose of the following meditation is to recreate the personal relationship with the elemental heart as well as the relationship with the creative powers of Gaia, the Earth goddess.

  1. Take some time to recreate the space of the elemental heart within yourself as described above. Be aware how it feels, perhaps also relating to each of the four mentioned aspects.
  2. Then start to rotate with your imagination along the edges of the elemental heart in the clockwise direction at the level of the lower end of the breastbone.
  3. Extend the rotation downwards and upwards in the spiral form so that the movement reaches beyond the lower and the upper peak of the two cones. Go with the movement few times up- and downwards and then see how it feels when the elemental heart is awaken. What does it tell you?
  4. To connect to the heart of Gaia you should expand the spiral rotation beyond your body reaching deep into the Earth and simultaneously high up. How does it feel to be in resonance with the heart of the Earth?

In the face of the crazy going world the possibility of cataclysmic events increases. If you find yourself facing such situation, use this meditation to create the described vertical corridor and ask Gaia to take the given event into her underworld to transform it into peace. Help the process by creating membranes of transformation at different levels of the corridor. The plea to Gaia should like a prayer come from the depth of your heart.

Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace 2016–2018