Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity – and created by Marko Pogačnik and his co-workers


To be able to face the times of unforeseeable changes, it needs to remind ourselves of our true identity as a multidimensional being and integrate those aspects that may be forgotten or blocked.

The following proposal is meant as an inspiration and you may choose with which of the proposed aspects you would like to work more in depth. But do not lean upon old patterns proclaiming who the human being is. The past has gone.

The meditation is based upon 4 steps backward into the causal (archetypal) realms of the human being and 5 steps forward towards the new incarnation. The steps can be done in imagination, by marking them through hand movements or by walking physically. If walking the steps backward should be started with the left and the steps forward with the right foot. The meditation can be done also in a group, participants standing in a circle. In this case backward steps are to be done individually and steps forward by holding hands. Somebody should briefly remind the group what the next step is about.

  • Start by creating a sphere around you which has a mirror layer at the outside. The mirror prevents the demonic kind of powers (which try to dominate humanity) from getting the key with which they could manipulate the new born human being.
  • Doing the first step backward you become one with your soul matrix. At the collective level it means that the embodied part of humanity reconnects with the presence of our ancestors and descendants. We are one human family able to communicate and to help each other.
  • Doing the second step backward you find yourself connected to the parallel evolutions of plants, animals, stones and elemental beings. See how it feels to be again member of the large Gaia and Pan’s family.
  • Doing the third step backward you reconnect with your subtle fairy body. At the planetary level it means to reconnect with our twin evolution of fairy beings in different traditions called Sidhe, Fanes, Erda, Ajdi…
  • Doing the fourth step backward you are about to reconnect with the inner dragon – the primeval powers of the Mother of life present within our body. They are the source of life power, the elemental love and wisdom. Open your body, the heart and consciousness to those beings that are harshly suppressed specially in the western part of the civilization.
  • You are now ready to move forward towards the new embodiment in tune with the renewed multidimensional body of the Earth. Remember to start the steps forward with the right foot. Completing each step forward make a short pause so that the new quality can be absorbed by your body elemental being and stored in the body’s memory.
  • Doing the first step forward you become present as a being within the all connecting consciousness of the Earthly cosmos – its noosphere.
  • Doing the second step forward your being gets its first form as a hologram in the water element. We are present as complex information imprinted in the myriad of tiny water drops.
  • Doing the third step forward you realise that minute pieces of minerals are present in-between the drops of your water hologram. They enable you to become a being manifested in matter.
  • Doing the fourth step forward you start to experience the life force streaming through your body. You became a living being.
  • Doing the fifth step forward be aware that with the help of an ocean of microbes the life power is being translated into the body functions so that you can move, think and act.
  • How does it feel to be reborn as a part of the renewed Earthly universe?