MEDITATION OF THE MONTH April 20th –  May 20th  2018

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


Even if stones appear to us as heavy pieces of matter, each of them can be experienced as a wide sphere of consciousness. There may not exist any source of peace as perfect and strong as stones are. The purpose of the meditation is to activate a deeper layer of peace within ourselves and upon the planetary scale with the help of the mineral family.

  • Imagine the mineral particles built into your body as a multitude of rounded pebbles. Let them rise from the bottom of your body and levitate within the body and adjacent auric fields. See how it feels! Let the wonderful peace of the mineral world permeate you.
  • Imagine in a similar way stones levitating in your environment and then also in those parts of the world where peace is needed the most. Perhaps start with small stones that are lying around and continue only later with the mountains. Where stones are in the air no bullet can pass.

The meditation was proposed to me by the stone family while I was travelling by train through the tunnel under the main chain of the Alps heading for a Peace Workshop that I led in Freiburg, Germany in April 2018.

Marko Pogačnik