MEDITATION OF THE MONTH August 20th – September 20th 2018

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


A demanding situation is approaching our collective experience right now through what is called “Climate changes”. Through the absence of animals in our environment and disorder in natural cycles the planetary network of the elementary life force is more and more weak and disconnected.

One of the key roles of animal family is to take care for distributing life force upon the planet. Each of the diverse animal species has a distinct role in this network so that all possible levels of life can be reached. With decimating animal population and dying out of animal species a kind of life force emptied holes appear, especially in the urban ambiences.

Human beings can help in this situation since we have common ancestors with the animal family. This is why we are able to share the joyful task of life force distribution with our animal relatives. Secondly we are highly creative beings and can consciously decide to be of help in the given situation. We are able to create the missing link in the interconnected flow of life force upon the Earth. Let us practice now before the situation becomes unbearable. The following meditation is created for this purpose.

  • Be aware that our body is created according to the binary code. We have the left and the right knee, the right and left side of the chest, the right and left ear etc. Accordingly the backbone at the back and the breast bone in the front are clearly separating the left side of the chest from the right side.
  • Imagine each of both sides of the chest to have form of a cylinder. They touch at the line marked by the backbone and the breast bone.
  • Now the right side cylinder starts to move in the direction left and the left side one in the opposite direction. The movement goes from the breast bone towards the backbone. In this case you receive now the stream of life from the environment.
  • If the cylinders turn in the opposite direction (from the backbone towards the breast) you are creating life force and releasing it into the environment.
  • To learn the magic of the exchange of life force with the living environment, choose a tree, a rock or an animal. Send life force towards the chosen being for a while and then be attentive and feel the response i.e. the incoming stream. Also you can couple the flow of life stream with the binary rhythm of your btreathing.
  • Later you can practice also exchanging in couples or within a group of participants.
  • Do not allow that the beauty of life would disappear!