MEDITATION OF THE MONTH September 20th – October 20th 2018

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


We found ourselves in the period of transition from one planetary age to another. The age governed by the Earth Element is retreating while the age of the Air Element is coming forward. Characteristic for the age of the Earth Element is the extremely dense space of reality. The age of the Air Element brings forward a type of a multidimensional space making possible the co-existence of the invisible and visible dimensions of reality and holding open door for communication between beings belonging to different levels of the Earth and the Universe. The following meditation is dedicated to one of the processes triggered by this epochal change.

Till now animals were alone responsible for the distribution of the life force upon the planet. Now they need to step partly out of that role to regenerate and reconnect with their archetypal origins. Human cultures pushed them too far out of their true essence exploiting and decimating them. As a consequence we as human beings need to learn step by step how to engage ourselves in upholding the network of life upon the planet and within ourselves. Plants can be our teachers and inspiration. They are capable not only to transform light into organic matter but also to hold upright a space of perfect peace.

  • Ask the animal within you to step back for a moment into your back space – the causal realm – to reconnect with its cosmic archetype.
  • Then imagine in front of you a lake with calm surface and some tall pine trees at its shore.
  • The pine trees mirror upon the surface of water, their image turned upside down.
  • Take their mirroring image into yourself with a swift gesture so that the trees stand now upright within your inner space.
  • With the help of this triple mirroring you have found yourself within the causal (archetypal) dimension of the plant world.
  • Open your subtle senses to feel the wonderful inner space of the plant kingdom. Explore its qualities.
  • The actual reality is now floating above you. Bring it down to the ground with the help of the magnetic power of your heart with the intent to integrate the qualities of the plant world into its alienated organism.