MEDITATION OF THE MONTH October 20th – November 20th 2018

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


With the new cycle of her enfoldment, Gaia becomes a more autonomous cosmic being. She starts increasingly to shine from her inner core. This means first of all that the warmth of the Earth increases parallel with the stronger radiation from her heart. (Are we ready for Earth’s rising “temperature”?)

Secondly the relationship between Gaia’s parent star, the Sun, and the inner core of the Earth is changing basically. The radiation of love, care for all beings and radiation of vitality from the inner core of the Earth increases, while the role of the (outer) Sun changes. The presently evolving role of the Sun is to support the Earth from the causal level of the Universe.

According to these fundamental changes also the inner Sun of the human being develops a new more creative role. The corresponding meditation could be:

  • Imagine the Earth sphere within your belly region in a sleeping state similar to the Sun before the sunrise.
  • Now the sphere of the Earth starts to rise. Reaching the point of the breast bone (position of the elemental heart) the first rays of the inner Sun of the Earth start to shine. Ponder for a while upon this magnificent sunrise.
  • When the radiant sphere reaches the centre of your breast, the inner Sun of the Earth is at its zenith.
  • Now is the moment to connect to the cosmic Sun which is positioned at the same level at your back. It looks like a bright distant star. Feel the connection and the Sun’s support.
  • Inspired by the inner sun of Gaia and by the cosmic Sun, the Sun of your heart centre starts to shine.
  • Imagine to touch with its rays different places, trees, beings, stones, animals etc. that you decided to give attention to. You can imagine also touching them with fractals of the Sun of your heart by a corresponding gesture. You may also want to touch some places, beings or situations that need comfort, care or help.