MEDITATION OF THE MONTH December 20th 2018 – January 20th 2019

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity and created by Marko Pogačnik


To become co-creators of our world’s destiny we need to work on reconnecting with the causal dimensions within ourselves where the causes for the manifested reality pulsate. For this purpose the following meditation uses the bi-polar constitution of our body. The front of the body with its five senses is open towards the embodied world while its backside, impossible to perceive through our eyes, stands for the causal half of reality.

  • Sitting or standing you should create an imagination of moving backward. Make the first imaginative step back starting with the left foot and a short pause afterwards.
  • Then make a second step back in the same way and also a third one. The exercise is more effective if steps are done in your imagination because in effect you are moving through several dimensions of your consciousness – but if you wish parallel you can move also with the body.
  • After you have done the three steps backward you should send a horizontal ray of light and love from your heart centre backward towards infinity to connect to the divine background of all and everything
  • Make a short pause again and then start to move forward. The three steps forward should be done starting always with the right foot.
  • Finally you have arrived back to your body – hopefully as a slightly different person. Take yourself time to feel the new quality of your being now reconnected to the source of reality. It may need to repeat the exercise for a certain period of time to transcend the split that the modern mind has created to cut us away from the invisible worlds “behind our back”.