Dear Lifenet Friends!

In the last time I became aware what the deeper purpose of the proposed monthly Meditation is. Sharing with Gaia and her helpers the care for the planet’s balance is only one aspect of the proposed breathing meditation.

During the last days I became aware that the vertical flow of breath is these days specially needed. I see high up crystal clear cosmic (Christ) presence and power that is not able to come down to the Earth to support the intense processes of change going on upon the planet. The planet is too much enveloped in alienated energies of fear and hopelessness. Those cosmic impulses can not come through – but they are urgently needed.

So when you do proposed breathing, be aware that we are creating vertical channels deep down into the core of the Earth so that descent of cosmic powers is again possible. Yet the breathing sequence with the horizontal distribution of the breath is equally important, otherwise those precious energies are not able to touch life in our embodied world.

Another possibility is that you respire in the same way through some sacred places in your vicinity or worldwide so that more channels come into being upon the planet through which the flow between the core of the Earth and the mentioned cosmic power be strengthened. But also in this case please do not forget the sequence with the horizontal distribution.

Have fun by doing something good! Marko Pogačnik