MEDITATION OF THE MONTH May 23rd – June 20th 2019

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity and created by Marko Pogačnik


What can be done facing challenges of the new aggressive telecommunication network G5, not to speak about the growing threat to the democratic Europe? Only the extended power of our hearts can be successful in such conditions!

The human heart system can be a powerful source of life supporting impulses in the case if creative freedom of human beings and beings of nature are endangered.

To heighten the creative potential of the heart system it needs to activate its parallels at two levels that are complementary to the central system i.e. at the knee level and above the head. Using the language of music they can be understood as a reflection of the heart system at a lower and at a higher octave. The lower octave pulsates at the knee level and resonates with the elemental world. The higher octave pulsates above the head and is in resonance with the angelic network of the universe.

  • First, imagine your heart system as a rosette (mandala) centred at your heart centre and composed of shiny colour units inlayed in gold.
  • Then imagine a similar rosette centred at the chakra positioned between the knees – it is an Earth element chakra.
  •  Afterwards imagine a third rosette positioned above your head, centred as high as you can reach with your hands. That centre is an Air element chakra.
  • Be present within the composition of the three rosettes that are not separate but overlap at their edges.
  • Then the composition of the threefold heart system assumes spherical forms to become one sphere containing the message of love and truth. See it expanding through your environment and further into the world.
  • While expanding it touches the threefold heart system of human beings to inspire them to decide and act in accordance with their soul purpose and with the need to protect the living organism of the Earth.