LifeNet- Network Geomancy and Transformation invites you to participate in the meditation to balance the worldwide over the activity of the Fire element

The element of Fire is right now destroying the Amazonian forest, the feminine pole of the planet (Tibet at the other side of the globe being its masculine counter pole).

Not long ago the fire destroyed the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris dedicated to the Mother of Life.

Be aware that the destructive activity of the Fire element is an effect of the exaggerated use of fire in the electric machines, smart phones etc, the concentration of fire in the missiles stored in the arsenals of the world’s armies and especially consider the sharp fire of the rationally created patterns projected by billions of people upon the subtle body of nature, its beings and the Earth.

Be aware that the destructive activity of the Fire element is also an effect of its demonization by the world’s religions that identify the divine element of Fire with the devil, the horror of the hell and the false idea of human sinfulness.

  • First detach the element of Fire from different modes of its misuse listed above.
  • Imagine yourself being present within a watery sphere. Feel its subtle quality within your body.
  • Imagine tiny stars of the Fire element floating within your watery sphere imbuing it with the fire of life and fueling within you the fire of love.
  • Then enlarge this imagination of co-creating Water and Fire elements to encompass the whole Earth with its balanced quality.
  • Spill the watery fire of love over the places of the Earth where forests are burning.