MEDITATION OF THE MONTH October 20th – November 20th 2019

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity and created by Marko Pogačnik


In this meditation we neither address the tree as a being neither its elemental being. We wish to connect to the Ent of the tree. Ents are beings that abide within very old trees. Do you remember the “Lord of the Ring” and the ancient walking trees that have finally put an end to the “Kingdom of Darkness”? Their power and wisdom comes from an Ent abiding within the tree body.

Ents are considered to be guests from a distant star that Gaia invited to settle within old trees to help her in communicating her experiences to a sister star – the home of Ents – where similar processes of development are starting as they are going on since millennia upon the Earth. I mean the capability to express conscious thoughts and creative deeds through the relatively dense matter.

As an expression of gratitude Ents are ready to help Gaia and humanity to pass the difficult phases of Earth transmutation process ahead.

  • Choose one of the old wise trees that you have met once personally.
  • Imagine that the chosen tree stands at a short distance behind your back. Touch with your awareness and your love some of its details that you know from experience so that the tree can recognize you. Make sure that the resonance bridge between the tree and yourself has been established.
  • Than imagine walking backwards till you find yourself within the space of the tree trunk or simply within that tree.
  • Open your sensors and your heart to get to know the house of the Ent and to meet its presence. Take time for this phase of meditation so that the link between human beings and Ents to be re-established.
  • Now the creative phase of the meditation starts. You can ask the tree together with its Ent to walk with you to a place where help is needed. Do what feels right. Or you can simply enjoy the Ent’s presence.