MEDITATION OF THE MONTH December 20th 2019 – January 20th 2020

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Geomancy and Transformation –

and created by Marko Pogačnik


Day by day human civilization projects countless suppressive patterns upon the Earth using the power of its armies, political ideologies, intellectual knowledge, religious institutions etc. Are there people upon the planet who are persistently working on supporting Gaia’s efforts to avoid the collapse of her life systems, and to secure future for the Earthly universe and all its beings?

There is no way back to the old healthy planet. The path leads through basic transformations of the earthly space and human culture.

Here is a proposal how to support the processes of change within oneself and within the planet. Be creative with the proposed imagination. Let us not give up. Be aware that while doing the proposed meditation you are about to brake down patterns that hold the Earth in the paths controlled by the human will.

  • Sit down for few moments quietly. Then imagine that you start to move slowly backwards. To be in resonance with the planet Earth you should move within a soap bubble that is big enough so that you have space inside of it while your body is compressed to get closer to a spherical form.
  •  The aim of your movement is to reach the upside down position. In effect you can do the same movement in the direction forward or backward. (Of course we all know that Earth is rotating horizontally but the path of change is another story.)
  • Continue rotating in the chosen direction till the point when your body is positioned upside down which means that the legs are up and the head down. Stay within the bubble position.
  • Do not stop moving but continue slowly upwards till you sit upright again.
  • You may repeat the upside down movement a few times. Be aware that you move together with the planet Earth to support its path of change. Observe the stars in the universe while you move by. Enjoy the freedom of Space. Feel how the Earth feels while gliding through the universal space.
  • Now, after you have become the Earth, start with the same movement within your heart space. Feel how the Earth feels while moving graciously through the universe of your love.
  • Use always the same path leading from the North Pole backwards towards the South and up towards the North Pole again – or vice versa. While the planet moves within your heart space know that its path of change is secured victoriously.