MEDITATION OF THE MONTH January 20th 2020 – February 20th 2020

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Geomancy and Transformation – and created by Marko Pogačnik


From the ethical point of view the way how people in general treat each other nowadays – and also beings of nature – can not be accepted any more. But it seems impossible to change the situation by intensifying the legal control. What would certainly help is the possibility that human beings would remember their deeper identity and the reason why Gaia, the Earth, has invited humanity to join her evolution.

The matrix of our cosmic identity is the great treasure that we, human beings carry within ourselves.

The purpose of the following meditation is to find the place where the jewel of human identity is stored within our multidimensional being. Secondly it needs to radiate into the world the need of the moment: to bring the true human identity into expression in the daily life.

  • Imagine that your breast bone is the trunk of the inner tree of life. Our creative capacities, our consciousness and hands represent its crown.
  • The tree of life develops its roots at the lower end point of the breast bone.
  • There, among the roots of the tree of life you should search for the greatest treasure that we carry within ourselves. You can imagine it as a jewel with many facets – the cosmic matrix of the human being.
  • It is given to each human being before stepping upon the path of incarnation. But unfortunately it gets mostly forgotten after landing upon the Earth.
  • And after you have found the great jewel among the roots of the tree of life, lift it to the level of your heart and let it radiate into the world to help fellow human beings to awake and to reconnect with the matrix that each one of us carries within.