MEDITATION OF THE MONTH March 20th–April 20th 2020

Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Geomancy and Transformation –

created by Marko Pogačnik


The depression in which the human culture sits at the moment is caused by the smallest beings upon the planet. The family of microbes and viruses is the oldest, billions of years old community of life. It embodies the wisdom of the Earth and her capacity to uphold the planet alive. So what is the family of microorganisms telling us by emptying our streets and putting whole nations into the quarantine?

Through the massive over-activity of their mental activity billions of human beings are about to lift those microbes that belong exclusively to the region of the belly into the region of the throat. They are trapped there through the immense magnetic power of the collective attachment to the rational mind. Instead that they would support the human life they start to destroy it.

Speaking in a poetic language, the dragon who has the place in the belly is trapped in the throat as a consequence of the human over-activity not aligned with the wisdom of Gaia. Thus the fragile peace upon the planet is endangered. To cool down the situation, the quarantine is a wise solution (thank you dear microbes’ family!). But on the long term the cycle rotating between the belly and the throat (between the pool of life and the human activity) must be reestablished immediately:

  • Sit down in peace. Join both hands in your lap creating a circle.
  • Imagine a stream of clear watery power ascending through the left hand, passing the throat area and descending through the right hand – or it may flow in the opposite direction, as you feel it right – or even into both directions simultaneously.
  • Then add a smaller circle, rotating around the star of your throat that connects the loving intelligence of the heart with the rational capacities of the brain.
  • Observe what happens when both cycles meet in the throat area, how they interact to support human health and creativity.
  • Then distribute the information from there into the world to help the human family to get out of the dead end situation.