Proposed by Barbara and Martin Krausch, Simona Čudovan, and Marko Pogačnik,

LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


Human beings have forgotten how closely our destiny is related to the destiny of the animal kingdom. We are a kind of reincarnation of different animal species.

We share the thread of life with animals.

As much as human beings violate the law of life by killing each other, we do violate the flow of life through extinction of animal species and holding others prisoners in humiliating conditions.

The proposal is to work during the following month on developing new patterns of relationship between humanity and the animal world by using one’s own body that can be considered as closely related to the animal kingdom.

Here are some proposals:


  • Choose an animal to invite it into your body space. It can be also your personal power animal. After a while imagine that the animal leaves your body space by walking backward towards the realm of its ancestors (towards its archetype stored in the memory of its ancestors).

  • Walking backward is not easy for animals. Help it to move slowly step by step backward.

  • After few steps are done, be attentive to perceive the fragrance of the original animal world.

  • Then invite the animal to approach your body again and lead it (now reconnected) through you body into the realms of the manifested world as a symbol of hope for the animal species.


Look into the eyes of an animal and then enter the cosmic ocean behind its eyes to recognize animals as beings of the universe. (It can also be done as an imagination.)


  • Experience the peace of the animal through the uroboros principle. Uroboros is a snake biting its own tail.

  • Imagine going with your feeling/consciousness backward in a semi-circular way till you reach the realm where the animal archetypes are stored.

  • Experience!

  • Then continue with the circular path till you reach your coccyx. The circle is connected. How does it feel?