Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity and Marko Pogačnik


If the backbone of Europe extends between Greece, the central Europe and Island, this means that Greece represents the coccyx of Europe and Europe’s grounding system.

Further it means that Greece, Aegean and specially Crete stand for the archetypal connection between Gaia, the Earth soul and the elemental world of the Earth surface, (and the human culture in the next instance too).

It means that by pushing Greece into chaos the link that is essential for life that exists upon the Earth can be broken.


  • If you lay your left hand with the palm upwards and the five fingers apart in front of you, you will see the geographic body of Greece. The thumb represents Attica and the four fingers the four extensions of Peloponnesus reaching into the Mediterranean and further on to the life birthing core of the Earth.
  • After your hand was tuned to the geographical Greece imagine that at the tip of each finger a bright star is shining. (Position also the right hand with thumb to the left and imagine the same stars at its tips of fingers.)
  • Go with both hands through the water of Mediterranean along the body down towards the heart of the Earth to reestablish the link with Gaia and her dragon powers. Take time to experience.
  • Then return to the horizontal position of the hands to identify with the geographical Greece again.

  • Put both hands crosswise upon your chest to add the strength of your heart centre.

  • Repeat the exercise few times.


The second proposal has to do with a similar aggression turned against the elemental world within and around us.

  1. Imagine a soft waterfall of different colors gliding from the top of your head along the back side of the body to protect the back and its links with the causal background of the embodied world.
  2. When arriving at the level of the coccyx imagine creating around that area of the body a protecting sphere (perhaps of color blue).
  3. Imagine such a sphere also protecting the core of the Earth, the womb of Gaia.

  4. Let the two spheres approach each other and intersect so that a firm link is formed connecting the two vital centers. (Be aware that the coccyx area stands in resonance with the area of Greece because they perform a similar function, one in the human body and the other in the body of Europe.)


The third proposal is based on breathing.

  • Stand upright with feet a bit apart and parallel to each other.

  • Be aware of a golden point between the feet which is in resonance with the heart of Gaia.

  • Imagine from there a golden tube positioned upright through the center of the body. I call it “the flute of Gaia” because it has holes at different levels of the body to create inaudible sound while breathing.

  • Take the first breath from the center of the Earth and lead it to the level of the coccyx.

  • There you should breathe-out through the corresponding holes of the flute. Breathe out in the direction forward and backward simultaneously.

  • Breath-in in the opposite direction but through the same holes and breathe out into the cosmos.

  • Take the next breath from cosmos pulling it down to the level of the coccyx. Breathe-out and breathe-in like before.

  • Finally breathe-out towards the core of the Earth.

  • Now the breathing cycle starts from the beginning. You can use this time another hole of Gaia’s flute…Continue breathing to make sure that the manifested life of the Earth surface is in exchange with the heart of Gaia and the connection secure.