Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity and Marko Pogačnik


The dragon powers are the archetypal powers of life. They make life upon the Earth possible.

In the moment when the life organism of the Earth is under the threat of extinction, Gaia needs her dragon powers to be free and be able to support the organism of the planet in its process of transformation.

Dragons are in effect angelic beings of the Earthly universe.

The dragon powers are equal to the powers of a woman giving birth to the child.

To control the birth-giving capacities of Gaia, the patriarchal societies have invented awkward patterns to suppress her primordial powers.

The pattern of the “dragon killer” (like Saint George) was invented and made popular.

Not less dangerous is the hidden pattern that tends to undermine the unanimity among women.

Instead of supporting each other in their cosmic role of giving space to the archetypal (dragon) powers of Gaia so that they can become creative within the life’s tissue, women tend to become victims of envy or superficiality.

The same can be said for the feminine face of man.

There is a great need to transmute the two patterns. Here some proposals:

  • Imagine your belly cavity is equal to the womb of Gaia. How does it feel? What kinds of beings are active there?
  • Then lift the experienced quality with the corresponding gesture to the level of your heart (or even throat) and make it be present within the world in front of you.
  • Call an animal that knows giving birth through the womb to appear behind your back and transfer to you the quality of being pregnant with life.

  • Share the quality emerging within your belly with your environment as above.

  • Ask Gaia to endow you with the presence of a dragon.
  • Imagine it to appear two steps behind your back – which corresponds to the position of the animal ancestors (i.e. mythical animals) within the causal world.
  • Then allow its power to glide as pure water from there through your body, wiping out all the shadows of the above mentioned patterns stored within your cells.
  • Imagine that this transmuting water flow touches also other women worldwide.