Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity

The crisis with the refugees from Asia Minor coming in thousands to the Central Europe demands a special attention:

  • First of all refugees are fellow human beings and deserve compassion, help and support.

  • But it needs to be aware that the masses of refugees carry in their memory and presence the most difficult pattern of dualism, a combination of religious war (war between members of community swearing to the same holy book) combined with a merciless fratricidal war.

  • Be also aware that the refugee stream is intentionally moving to the central Europe to settle there. In the geomantic body of Europe the Central Europe (consciousness field between Bern, Frankfurt, Prague and Zagreb) is responsible of holding the complex connection to the matrix of the Earth thus facilitating the inspirational role of Europe related to the planetary transformation process.
  • The great achievement of European Union in 2004 was that the duality pattern that paralyzed the inspiration of Europe through the “Iron Curtain” was healed. Central Europe became whole again. The refugee stream threatens this unity by introducing its regressive patterns of dualism – including the outmoded relationship between the feminine and masculine principle – into Europe’s centre. Division already occurred among the western and eastern EU politicians related to the question how to deal with the refugees.
  • What can be done? The centre of Europe needs to be strengthened and protected at the consciousness level so that its unity can not be lost. Certainly it has a sense that the refugee stream shatters many of false images of Europe’s identity. But the future of the Earth and its living organism should not be threatened.

Some proposals how to act:


Imagine that the refugee streams approaching Central Europe are not moving through state borders but through rainbow coloured membranes so that the shadows of dualism they are carrying with them get transformed into inspiration towards fraternity and unanimity.


Breathing exercise to strengthen the solar plexus of Europe called “Central Europe”; the proposed imagination runs parallel to the actual breathing:

  • Inhale from the core of Gaia

  • While exhaling imagine to breathe-out at the level of the solar plexus (the area between the end of the breast bone and the navel). Imagine that the breath flows in both directions, to your front and back space simultaneously. A short pause
  • Then inhale at the same level taking breath from your back and front space simultaneously.

  • Exhale into the Universe. A short pause

  • Inhale from the width of the Universe and exhale as before at the level of the solar plexus.
  • After a short pause inhale as before and exhale towards the core of Gaia.
  • Continue breathing like this for a while identifying your solar plexus with the Central Europe.


Imagine a sphere of protection around the area of Central Europe and make sure that it is in resonance with the matrix of Gaia as it pulsates at the core of the Earth at this moment. Use your own solar plexus as a medium of attunement.