Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity, and Marko Pogačnik


In the times of global changes the relationship to the core consciousness and Goddess of our home planet has to be renewed again and again. The intense changes at the causal levels demand new ways of grounding that are flexible enough to allow the processes of transformation within ourselves as well as within the Earth Holon to flow freely. Here are two proposals:


  • Imagine a tear to be formed in one of your eyes. It is not a tear of sorrow but a tear of love towards the Mother of Life.
  • The tear falls into the Earth. Attracted by the pull of gravity the tear falls through the mineral and consciousness layers of the Earth into its heart core.
  • Listen to the answer. Renew your link with Gaia.


  • Find a point deep down in your belly where you feel to be in resonance with the core of Gaia, the Earth soul.
  • Be present at that point within yourself so that you do not need “solid” roots to hold you anchored within the Earth surface. (They may represent an obstacle to the movements of change.)
  • Instead of imagining your roots penetrating the Earth vertically connect horizontally to the surrounding web of life. Hold yourself anchored in the living network of beings and places that constitute the web of life. You can relate to places of beauty and power that you know, to animals and plants you love or to elemental beings that you have encountered.
  • The connection may be the strongest at the level of the solar plexus because there you are connected at the manifested as well as at the causal levels of life.