Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity – and Marko Pogačnik in collaboration with Simona Čudovan


The movements of 2015 are concentrated around the challenge how to step over the threshold connecting (or separating) the world of ideas and the manifested world. How could the visions of a pluridimensional, geocultural, and peaceful Earth pass that threshold and become a living and embodied reality?

It is not difficult to perceive that there exist masses of fear from the ongoing change of cosmic cycles. Together with the largely distributed and even provoked ignorance towards the path that Gaia has taken to preserve the Thread of Life upon the Earth, they represent a power that tries consciously or unconsciously to block the transforming process.

What needs to be supported at this moment could be formulated like this:

  • The power of the heart and the ability to see the multidimensional reality of life through the heart is the key.
  • The fire of destruction that we perceive in the world around us tends to occupy the inner worlds of the human being. Since the powers of the heart are paralyzed if the water element is absent, so it needs urgently to balance the chaotic upsurge of fire by supporting the watery flow within the integral human body.

Here are some proposals how to work on these two issues:


  • Imagine standing over the matrix of the water element looking like a rosette upon the façade of a cathedral. It is positioned a foot below your feet coded in the memory of the Earth.
  • Below the matrix there is the tube of a deep well that reaches down to the middle of the Earth.
  • At its bottom there is the golden ball of Gaia’s presence which is the permanent source of water. Water is rising along the well, passing the matrix of the water element below your feet and rising even higher it starts to be distributed throughout your body.
  • Be present within your heart space and see how it feels when the space of the heart comes in touch with the water element.


  • Imagine a fine golden threat dancing in the form of a lemniscate (the infinity sign) through your heart space.
  • It enters the heart centre from the back, winds around the right side of the chest to reach the heart centre from the back again and continue around the other side of the chest.
  • After a while forget about the imagination and perceive how the quality of your being has changed.


  • Imagine entering the centre of your heart space from the back. Look from there to perceive your living environment in a new multidimensional way.
  • Let the information of your experience be distributed along the “microbiom”, i.e. the grand planetary network of micro-organism that serves elemental beings to perform their work at the embodied levels.
  • This will be of great help in bringing the message of change to the consciousness of the manifested world.