Proposed by LifeNet – Network for Mutual Inspiration between Earth and Humanity


A week after entering the New Year something dramatic happened. The Earth has withdrawn about 90 percent of life energy from the level of existence settled by the human civilization. This means that we are presently living in a desert. This kind of change was in effect expected because there is no real sign that humanity is ready to change its attitude neither towards this precious planet nor in relationship to our own matrix.

The life energy of the Earth is not lost of course but it exists now at another level. It has established a new level of existence deeper within the Earth body. This does not represent a problem for plants, animals and other beings of nature because they always follow Gaia’s movements. Conditions have changed for human beings. The only way to stay in full touch with the life matrix now is to connect consciously and individually to the present level of its existence.

I believe that a transitory period will be given to us in order to have enough time for change. I have some first proposals how to deal with the new situation.

Proposal 1: observe on your own what is going on and how changes might affect you or the world around you, also at the planetary level. It is important to have one’s own experience.

Proposal 2: an exercise to connect to the life force at the level where it flows now

Gaia Touch exercise with the three spheres

  • Be aware of your elemental heart which is focussed at the end of your breastbone. The elemental heart is a holographic piece (a fractal) of the heart of the Earth. The human being gets recognized as a being of the Earthly Cosmos through the elemental heart.
  • Imagine a sphere around your elemental heart. Hold it upon your hands at its place. Try to feel the exquisite quality of your elemental heart.
  • Then move the sphere downwards till you arrive with it at the point of the perfect presence close to the bottom of your pelvic cavity. This point pulsates in resonance with Gaia, the consciousness and goddess of our planet. Hold the sphere there for a while to get in tune with this focus and to experience its qualities.
  • Through this two gestures you have legitimated yourself as a being that has the right to participate at the life force of the Earth. You got the keys for the new level of life force in the hands.
  • Now you lean downwards to let the sphere sink into the Earth down to the level where the sources of life force are pulsating now and for the future. Take some time to feel connected to the matrix of life.
  • Then lift your body up while you imagine pulling a ramification of the precious life stream upwards till you arrive at the point of the perfect presence in the belly.
  • This makes your own sources of life power to be activated at the new level. With the sources are meant your own dragon powers residing there.
  • Then lift the impulse of life even higher to the focus of your elemental heart. Ask the personal elemental being to distribute the information of the new life power level through your body and your environment. The request can be communicated through a gesture creating circles around the body with the outstretched arms.



























Proposal 3: re-create your protection field – the immune system

According to my perception the new protection system looks like a three-dimensional web composed of fine silvery threads. It needs to be built around the body in a zigzag rhythm.

The zigzag web around you can be created by walking. Walk four steps forward for the four elements and then one step backward for the fifth element. Walk this way in the four directions, each direction three times.

Zigzag form means opening and closing which is the task of the immune system.

The walking form is not only one possible.

If you work through walking or imagination you should always depart from the mentioned elemental heart. The elemental consciousness within you knows how to connect to the new level of life.

It is important to work on developing communication and cooperation with the personal elemental being because it is connected to the will of Gaia leading towards the epochal changes.

If there is a number of individuals that make effort to connect personally with the web of life, this is fine for the beginning. In this way the connection will not get lost in general.

Take courage and all the best in the new conditions

Greetings from the creator of the monthly meditations, Marko Pogačnik, serving as UNESCO Artist for Peace for the period 2016-2018